Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More trip pics.

A few more pics from my recent travel with Lagniappe. One nice day, we went alligator hunting down near Cape Canaveral. And since it was nice and sunny on that one day, we found plenty of them right in plain view of the road.

Lagniappe at one point had his head out the window barking at one that was sitting on the bank and I missed the photo because I was trying to keep him inside the vehicle. I kept telling him that it was a fight that he'd lose, but I don't think that he believed me. Anyway, here are some of the others:

And to think I almost forked over $18.00 to see captive alligators in a park in St Augustine. Why spend the dough when there are so many of them that you can see for free live and up close?

But here's a sign of the times--a sign just for stupid people. Wouldn't you think that everything on here is just common sense? Of course this is in the state where even the natives can't figure out simple things like presidential ballots.


  1. I am guessing the last sign that read "No lifeguard on duty, Swim at your own risk" was more of an invitation.
    Like any of the morons who that sign is aimed at actually has the attention span to read beyond:
    "The alligators in the pond occur here..."

    If I was an alligator, I'd so change the sign to..."Come on in, the water's fine." And then I'd invite all the boneheads running congress to a "party". ;-)

  2. ...this is in the state where even the natives can't figure out simple things like presidential ballots."
    Honey, as a native Floridian, let me assure you.. It wasn't the natives that screwed the voting up.. It was all of the imports from 'northern' states, the ones that inhabit the areas around Broward county, they were the ones that couldn't figure out a ballot and they, by no definition of the word, are 'native' Floridians..

  3. There's a lake on the University of Florida campus (Lake Alice) that used to be full of alligators, don't know if it still is, but I'd presume so. The campus fitness trail used to wind along the shoreline for a bit, and it was always wise to check out that log before you hooked your feet under it to do sit-ups, as it might just get up and slide back into the lake...