Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shine the light...

Take a cue from Elton John--I guy I used to really dig a couple of decades ago but who still occasionally sounds good...especially when backed up by an entire 200+ piece orchestra:

"Oh Philadelphia freedom shine on me, I love you
Shine a light through the eyes of the ones left behind
Shine a light shine a light
Shine a light won't you shine a light
Philadelphia freedom I love you, yes I do"

Great concepts--freedom and shining lights, especially tonight between the hours of 2030 and 2130 tonight (that's 8:30PM and 9:30PM for you milquetoaste types.) This is supposed to be "Earth Hour 2010", a time when our government and free-range liberals everywhere turn all their lights off for an hour to send some sort of message to someone somewhere.

What's the message? I'm guessing that it's along the lines of "we can't afford electricity because Obama took all our money."

Or is it supposed to be some sort of economic stimulus package for the more traditional sort of looters among us--the ones who didn't get elected or appointed to political office? "Hey, we know times are we'll just turn out all the lights for an hour and you poor Democrat voters just take whatever you can grab during this hour of government-sanctioned darkness...and remember--Keep voting Democrat, because stealing's easier than working for it, yo!"

So please--if you love this country, be proud. Stand up like a true American and turn on every damned light that you have for an hour at 8:30 PM your local time tonight. Tell everyone that despite Obamanomics, you still have the right to speak out by turning on all your lights, and because you actually work for a living, you've earned the money to be able to afford to have them on.

So spin those little electric meters like fans tonight, folks! LIGHT 'EM UP!!!


  1. I checked the electric meter to make sure it is in fine working order today. Turned on the dryer that uses the 220 volts of magnificent power and watched electric meter disk spin wildly.

    The oven needs a cleaning too. I will have try out that self cleaning selection......

  2. My lights are on and so is the washer and dryer!!! Did the oven last week dammit...

  3. I had every electronic device plugged in and on, as well as, all my lights. And I drove around my "gas guzzling" SUV. Screw Obama and his stupid "earth day" crap!!

  4. Of course you recall that "Philadelphia Freedom" was about a team in a US Tennis league. It wasn't about Independence Hall, 1787, Ben Franklin or the rest. Hardly something that Elton would embrace, you know.

    Whatever became of the Philadelphia Freedom?

  5. I did not know about the tennis team, Raz. Thanks for that bit of enlightenment. I didn't think that he was really cheering for American liberty, though. He's always been pretty up front about his support of socialist programs. I think the only thing that he really likes about America is that so many people here pay to hear him sing.

    We'll see if he still likes us when Obama takes away all of our disposable income and no one can afford those over-priced concerts and CD's any longer.