Sunday, March 21, 2010

A warm spring day out with my pal.

Today was a beautiful spring day--the first week-end without rain (or snow). So it was fitting that I took my best pal, Lagniappe, out to Harpers Ferry so he could stretch his legs a bit by chasing sticks, romping in the water, and just doing all those things that a German Shepherd loves to do. He ran through the mud, he chased some ducks, and he thought about swimming out into the river after a stick I threw, but once he plunged in, I suspect that the temperature of the water made him reconsider. He restricted himself to just running back and forth in the shallows and barking at the stick as it floated away on the current.

And of course he also had to visit one of his favorite people: Sharon, owner of the Swiss Miss ice cream shop.
Lagniappe waits in line at the Swiss Miss. He knows that Sharon can't resist hooking him up with an ice cream cone...or two...or three. Today he got three. I'd have taken a picture of him getting one, but my camera's not that fast; he snatches them and scarfs them down in seconds...He'd get a brain freeze if he had a brain.

Now here he is begging for a bite of MY cone, and this after he just had three of his own.
You want to give me that ice cream cone...

And of course his Jedi mind tricks work. He got the last half of my cone, too. But what's a bit of ice cream between friends? He knows that he's my best dog buddy.


  1. They know our weaknesses only too well and are unrepentant about exercising their doggy charms on us.

    We are not weak, we are well trained.

  2. Good day out sounds like... and yeah, they manipulate us worse than kids do... sigh...

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    We have a new dog, a German Shepherd mix. So far all he really begs for is more petting...and to be let out to chase the neighbor's cat.

  4. lol. Gotta love those begging eyes! :)