Sunday, March 21, 2010

A busy and dishonorable weekend in Washington, DC

Remember when our representatives in Congress actually represented us and voted accordingly?

Well today, the majority of them, Democrats all, disregarded their constituents--the people who voted them into office expecting to be...well...represented--and voted for a massive new social program designed to take control of the entire health care industry and give free stuff to the lazy while billing the producers. They did this because Obama and Nancy Pelosi told them to, despite the polls indicating that a majority of the country--including a majority of their own constituents--didn't want it.

They ignored the phone calls and letters that they all admit getting, they ignored the in-person visits from their own district residents, and they ignored the protests of organized outraged Americans from across the country. In so doing, they showed us all that their loyalty is to their party leaders first and their own constituents second, if even that.

Hear that drum beating? I hear it.

Now our National Mall in Washington DC is under siege by thousands of illegal aliens and their supporters, mostly relatives who benefited from a previous amnesty or special interest groups that get money to represent these trespassers and provide them with social services, again with the bill passed on to American workers. They're denouncing our laws, defiling our national flags, and demanding--demanding--that our representatives give them amnesty and American citizenship, making them fully equal to the rest of us and giving them priority over every immigrant who is trying to gain citizenship according to our laws that govern the process. And many legislators are caving into them, Republican Lindsay Graham foremost among them, as is Obama.

That drum beat is growing louder. Hear it yet, Washington?

Now we see that ACORN--the group that has been implicated in or convicted of fraud in numerous states on behalf of the Democratic Party and Obama--is going to keep getting our tax dollars despite a law passed by our representatives to put a stop to it. In other words, let the corruption commence again.

That drumbeat's getting louder yet. And those are war drums. The People are growing angry--the workers, the ones who play by the rules. The corruption and the disregard for the will of the citizens who sent you fools to Washington has to stop. If the 535 of you on the Capitol don't quit it and rein in the Marxist in the White House, We--the People--are going to have to find a way to stop you.


  1. Should be interesting to see what happens next now that we have voted to become a socialist country.

  2. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Amen brother.We can and will stop them.