Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just another Thursday

It's Thursday. Didn't do too much today. Dropped Lagniappe off at the vet for a check-up (told them to check the oil and rotate the paws) and then I went to the gym.

Still can't run. Tried a light run on the treadmill, but had to quit after two minutes when the pain started to ramp up. I learned my lesson a week ago--if it doesn't feel right, stop.
But it shouldn't be much longer--a few days at the most. I have a goal, and I'm so close!

So I lifted weights for a bit and swam a mile, then I went out to do some shooting. It's important these days to be doing some kind of training, both fitness and tactical...Obama's grand plans are liable to crash our economy and bring on all sorts of troubles and that damned Browning's not going move itself into position.

Then I picked Lagniappe up, bought a bottle of wine and some ice cream (I got this idea for some wicked Riesling floats...) and came back to the Lair.

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and I finished reading a great book, Fighter Pilot, the story of the life of Air Force legend Robin Olds, as put together by his daughter Christine Olds and author and fighter pilot Ed Rasimus. If you like history or aviation, you'll have a hard time putting this book down. I know that I did. Seriously, get on today and get yourself a copy.

On the animal front, I saw what I believe to be my new snake again today, looking none the worse for wear at it peered out from between a couple of rocks and watched me trim a tree.

The other day, someone asked me what the difference is between a snake and a Democrat. Hell, that's easy. I'd never cut a Democrat out of a net.

And I'm guessing that there's going to be baby deer around here soon too, as I just saw a doe that's either pregnant as hell or else Rosie O'Donnell's been reincarnated as an Odocoileus virginianus. And since the deer didn't really look all that stupid, I'm guessing that fawns are on the way.

So now I'm thinking that this evening, before we try my new adult dessert experiment, Lagniappe and I will take a walk around the neighborhood for a bit, and I'll at least pretend to intend to clean a few guns and tidy up the Lair.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Thursday. Hope yours is going well.


  1. Got back from Belgium a couple of hours ago. Soooo tired!

    Glad I turned you on to REAL wine!

  2. Another day at the oriface for me... sigh... Glad you had a decent one.

  3. Here's another suggestion for an adult dessert on a hot day...

    Pineapple sherbert.

    Fresh cut strawberries

    A nicely chilled bottle of Niagara Ice Wine...








    Tell Lagniappe I said he can lick the bowl!


  4. I've got to compliment your choice in reading! I'm not sure Reisling and ice cream works for me. Maybe a pinot noir sparkler?

    Now if you'll go back and read When Thunder Rolled and Palace Cobra your education on the Dark Side of tactical aviation will be complete.

    Check 6!

  5. Riesling Floats?????? Oh man, I GOTTA try that sometime. Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Nicki, it's about time you got back. Obama needs your help badly.

    Scott, thank you very much, and welcome here.

    Ed, I already own the other two books--love 'em both--and I'm on my second copy of When Thunder Rolled because I wore the first one out.