Monday, May 17, 2010

Obama's illegal alien aunt allowed to stay in America

All are equal under American laws, but some are apparently more equal than others.

First she came into our country pretending to be a short-term visitor. Once here, she applied for asylum, a request which was rejected by a judge exercising his lawful authority. She was ordered to leave our country but instead, she went to Boston. There, she applied for--and received--welfare that she, as a non-citizen illegally in our country, was not entitled to get. She also got a publicly-subsidized apartment at a time when actual Americans in need were on waiting lists for such apartments, moving in and making herself comfortable while an American family waited for the next one to come available.

Now as much as I oppose the idea of publicly-subsidized apartments for anyone other than actual disabled individuals or the elderly, I really have a problem with someone who is not only a non-citizen but has been ordered to leave our country just getting one handed to her. However, for every one of us opposed to public housing, there is a liberal bureaucrat on the other side of the equation who gets paid to fill and manage public housing, and the more units they can acquire and fill at taxpayer expense, the larger their budget and staff becomes and the more power they have. Those people support other liberals in office and in today's culture, that means that we, the People, come in a distant second to the will of the machine.

But I digress. Returning to the illegal alien, she lived there for years, living a pretty good life. (Remember, she's from Kenya...even our public housing is the equivalent of upper-class wealth in mush of the third world.) She got food stamps--intended for poor Americans--to buy her groceries, and she got great medical care courtesy of our Medicaid program, which is also intended solely for Americans and other who are lawfully here. And she lived happily, at least until her rich nephew Barack ran for President and her presence and status here came to light.

At first there wasn't much trouble. The Democrat Party was aware of her situation but hushed it up because they wanted to win, and that's apparently worth turning a blind eye to countless wrongs. The American media sat on the story for months too, even after the London Times broadcast it to the world, refusing to talk about it because they had a dog in the fight--a dog named Barack--and they didn't want to see him lose. Obama clearly knew, but again, winning is worth more than honesty, integrity or the law, at least if you're a Democrat.

Of course once her presence was discovered, she was summarily driven to the airport and deported back to Kenya. Oh wait--no she wasn't. In fact, just before the election, then-President Bush issued a directive to ICE mandating that no fugitive aliens could be arrested and deported without approval from high-level officials, essentially ensuring that Obama's illegal-alien aunt was safe from deportation. So safe, in fact that she showed up at and was admitted to the White House for her nephew's swearing-in.

Once her nephew was in charge, she was granted another bite at the apple and allowed to apply--again--for asylum, this despite already being ordered to leave and her history of breaking our laws regularly since the last court-ordered deportation date. And this time, it seems to have worked out in her favor. She now gets to stay here and continue living off of our largess indefinitely.
CLEVELAND -- A U.S. immigration court granted asylum to President Barack Obama's African aunt, allowing her to stay in the country, her attorneys said Monday.

The decision was mailed Friday and comes three months after Kenya native Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of Obama's late father, testified at a closed hearing in Boston, where she arrived in a wheelchair and two doctors testified in support of her case.

The basis for her asylum request hadn't been made public.
And, like almost every other piece of information about Barack Obama and his family, it's been sealed from public review.

Now my next question is this: Now that she's here, savoring her victory over the taxpayers and our legal system, when is her millionaire nephew--the one who keeps telling us that we have to be compassionate and care for countless others--going to start paying her bills and getting her out of public housing and off of the backs of Mr. and Mrs. America?


  1. Amazing how the laws apply to everybody else but him and his illegal family members here in our country. *snort*

  2. Um... NEVER... He will let US pay the bill... sigh...

  3. Honestly, was this a surprise, or even not assumed, by everyone? I mean, rules apply to every one else except this types of people..
    Sheesh.. There are days when I'd love to be surprised.. But so far, that hasn't happened.. :)

  4. Ya' know, I'm reading these blogs complaining about this woman and I just think to myself, "Just what kind of lowlifes have we become? Are we really that nasty, selfish and scummy that we would deny an old lady asylum in this country?" I'm ashamed to be American sometimes. You guys are an embarrassment.


  5. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Shocked....not really.

    What is the rule of law to this man, but something similar to play-doe.

  6. Rules and laws...they are for everyone else...

  7. Well Jersey, I'm ashamed that people like you call yourselves Americans, too. Describing the rest of us as “lowlifes”? I've never understood the self-loathing that you liberals have for yourselves or your need to hate on your betters (the rest of us non-liberals) but this isn't about anyone being “selfish”, with the possible exception of this freeloading trespasser who chose not to immigrate legally but instead came here on a visa and then tried to claim some sort of special victim status. She was told that she couldn't stay, so she just shrugded, said “to hell with the American legal system” and just went off and started claiming things that weren't hers to claim—an apartment meant for someone else, food stamps, medical care, the works. She demonstrated a complete lack of respect for our country and our laws (The apple doesn't fall far from the Obama family tree, does it?) and that sort of thing doesn't merit being rewarded with American citizenship. She should be kicked out of here, and liberals like you who think that our laws don't have to matter if they get between a person and something that they want should be sent packing with her.

    And BTW, I'd have printed your leftist opinion earlier had you not followed it up with an insulting dare to print it and stated in advance that I was a coward for not posting it. Unlike the average liberal, us real Americans aren't afraid of the other side's ideas and opinions, and in fact we actually like to show other people how you think and act...Popping your belief balloons is fun, easy and educational when done where our youth can observe.

    And BTW again, I didn't see you step up and offer to pay this trespasser's bills. Like a typical liberal, you apparently just expect other people to assume the burdens of whatever it is that you want.