Wednesday, May 12, 2010

West Virginia voters are waking up! Corrupt Congressman Mollohan is GONE!!!

Na-na-na-na--Hey, heeey...Good-BYE!

West Virginia Congressman Alan Mollohan, long considered one of the most corrupt members of Congress, was booted by West Virginia voters in the Democrat primary race last night.
In 2006, the Justice Department opened an investigation of Mollohan that is believed to have focused on the rapid growth of his personal wealth and his pattern of securing federal funds for nonprofits he helped create.

Mollohan, 66, stepped down as the ranking Democrat on the House ethics committee that April and stepped aside in early 2007 from a subcommittee that handles funding for the Justice Department.

The investigation ended in January without comment or charges -- which Mollohan considered vindication.
Those of you who read my earlier articles on Mollohan--this one in particular--are, or course aware of the suspicious timing of his investigation being dropped, namely that it coincided with his sudden change from an opponent of Obamacare to a last-minute vote in favor of it.

It now looks as if the Obama machine was able to buy Mollohan's support, but once that had it, they were unable to save his seat...or perhaps they weren't concerned with trying seeing as how they'd already gotten what they needed from the guy.

This upset was a victory for conservatism and a repudiation of the Democrats' policy of "anything goes so long as we win", and it should make the remaining Dems worry about what's coming in November. You got the majority and used it to jam Obama's and Pelosi's agendas in our faces despite the opposition of most of the country, and in just a few months, the country's going to be in a position to start jamming back.

Now it just falls to the Republicans to not screw this up. Sadly, they have a history of screwing up and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but if--for once--they just hold true to the conservative ideals that have always worked for them in the past--ideals that most of America has always embraced--then just maybe we can blunt Obama's efforts to turn America into a leftist third-world welfare state and make our country back into something that the rest of the world envies and respects again.


  1. That's WEST Virginia actually. Separate state ever since Abraham Lincoln carved it off of the original commonwealth in order to create a fictitious new Union state during that War of Northern Aggression that we had.

    But your kudos are noted and appreciated!

  2. YAY!!! WHOO-now if y'all can just get rid of Rockefeller and Byrd! ;-)

  3. For decades, many have been complacent with politicians and their lying, self-serving ways. We've excused the behavior as "typical politicians." No more. Let the sleeping awake and remind those who serve us that they do just that.