Thursday, June 03, 2010

More on the Israel thing

I seem to have struck a nerve with yesterday's post on the poor little rich kids who flock to Israel to involve themselves--on the wrong side, of course--in the Palestinian Troubles.

The last day and a half, I've been deluged with comments--mostly obscene--in support of the Palestinian terrorists. Many were nothing more than propaganda screeds accusing the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) of practically every crime from genocide to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.

Many of them have called me a "coward" too, and I can't figure that one out. I mean, it's not like I was challenged to fight and refused, and it's not like any of these critics--most of whom I suspect are using school computers or those in their parents' houses--are actually fighting in any real capacity. Anyway...

I have to admit that it shames me to see fellow Americans--even spoiled and clueless young ones--acting as if the Israelis are the bad guys and the Hamas terrorists in Gaza are some sort of noble heroes. There are numerous big differences between the two, and since it's obviously not clear to at least some people, I'll try to highlight a few.

1. The IDF is an actual military force comprised of citizen-soldiers fighting on behalf of the People of Israel and taking orders from a democratically-elected government--one that even lets Palestinians, Arabs, and other non-Jews vote in it's national elections. They wear uniforms and there's no doubt as to who they are. The Hamas terrorists, on the other hand, mask their faces and wear civilian clothes so that they can hide among the civilian population as they sneak up to set off bombs or run away after committing their misdeeds. They often use women and kids, either hiding behind them or sending them out with bombs strapped to their bodies. There is no honor to be claimed by any of these Hamas losers; they lack the guts to stand up and fight like men, unlike the Israelis.2. The IDF allows women and homosexuals to serve equally alongside their men. Hamas, like other radical muslim groups, prefers to subjugate their women and kill their homosexuals. (Yet liberals in America still support them unconditionally. What's up with that?)

3. The IDF strikes only at military targets. The Palestinians go out of their way to avoid engaging the Israeli military or police and seek to strike at civilians instead, preferring to blow up weding parties, schools, daycare centers, hospitals, public buses, etc. Again, we're talking skulking cowards here. The IDF even has a Code of Conduct that it adheres to, and it has punished numerous members of it's own force for violating this code. The Palestinians? Again, nothing is sacred or off-limits to them. They have no boundaries.

4. The IDF provides life-saving medical care to civilians injured in the fighting and also to any Palestinian combatants that it captures. The Palestinians ignore wounded civilians and torture most of their prisoners to death.

5. The IDF fights to protect it's citizens and homeland. The Palestinians fight because they are antisemetic muslims who want to see Israel wiped out and because other terror supporters pay them to do so.

6. Israeli Defense Force women are generally smoking hot!

Palestinian women...not so much.

If I knew that I was getting 70 of those when I died, I'd do my best to live forever.

Humor aside, Israel, like any Democratic society, will always have the support of Lagniappe and I over shitbird terror states and ragamuffin bands of brigands and mad bombers.


  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    IDF women are smoking hot

  2. Right on the money bro! The world stands by while Iran and Syria and N.Korea sponsor terrorism, and develop nuclear weapons. We call for more treaties and peace talks as if that's ever done anything productive. Every time Israel attempts to circumvent genocide of it's people the entire world stands up screaming shouting at them. They stand alone amongst enemies who want to annihilate them and they can't count on anyone to be reasonable.

  3. Brother, you get the best trolls!

  4. Completely agree... Been there, seen them operate. you are dead on the money.

  5. This comment will probably just get scrubbed needlessly like my last one, but I'll try again I guess.

    I don't know why I have to keep saying this but PALESTINIAN DOES NOT MEAN ISLAMIC TERRORIST. You seem to think Palestine is some kind region completely filled with RPG toting blood thirsty warriors, but if it was you'd see whole lot more attacks than some crappy rockets now and then. There are millions of average, everyday people just trying to survive in Palestine.

    The choice isn't IDF or Hamas. Any non-radical would chose the IDF over Islamic fundamentalists, but it is like asking a Pole in the Fall of 1939 if he wants his village sacked by the Germans or Russians. You would pick Russia, of course, because even crappy communism is better than an SS death camp, but you wouldn't be too happy about it.

    The real choice in this conflict is violence vs. peace. I don't want to sound like a hippy or anything but you got trigger happy people on both sides making life a living hell for people like us just trying to get by. In a perfect world we would have a secular 'Israelistine' with both Israelis and Palestinians having equal rights. Right now that isn't politically viable so we should shoot for a two state solution.

    Also, I didn't call you a coward. I don't even know you, but you did make a cowardly statement. A girl lost an eye standing up for what she believes in - a people's right to self-governance and self-determination. As a fellow American, I hope that is something you value as well. We have those rights because someone was willing to risk their eye, even their life for American Independence 235 years ago. The French, Haitians, Spanish, Dutch, numerous Indian tribes, and even some British citizens all helped us win the war for our freedom. If an American citizen loses an eye trying to spread that same flame of freedom to another part of the world, if seems a bit cowardly to belittle her. Being an American isn't a free ride. We are world's superpower and the greatest example of the capacity of democratic and egalitarian values. We have a responsibility to encourage those ideals. The girl who lost her eye is out there doing that job while you and I pluck away at our keyboards.

    Also, did you check out that list of stuff banned from Gaza I tried to post? Do you see how it is designed to punish a population and not to protect Israel or impede terrorists?

  6. NE, your last post went the way of all things because it wasn't much more than a long anecdotal screed against the IDF.

    Stay focused on the topics and I'm more than happy to give you a say.

    But you need to stop minimizing the issue there. The only reason that there are not many more rocket attacks against the civilians of Israel is because Israel has blockaded Gaza and kept the rockets out, and because it prevents the people in Gaza--people who overwhelmingly support Hamas in their attacks on the good people over the border fence--from constructing rockets and launchers. That's why the embargo keeps construction equipment out--the Palestinians build bunkers and rocket-launching platforms with that stuff.

    Anyway, the people in Palestine could have peace any time they want it. Israel has in the past offered them virtually everything that they've sought, only to have Yasser Arafat turn it all down and walk out. So that's on him and them for supporting him and Hamas. When the Palestinians reject Hamas and start trying to act like civilized people, their lives will get so much easier and they could have the same standard of living as those in Egypt and Israel. They actually had it fairly good before electing Hamas to run their government. But as long as they choose to allow Hamas to control everything and spend the money sent to them for humanitarian aid on weapons, they'll be living in third-world squalor by their own choosing.

  7. The post that was scrubbed talked about IDF counter-terrorist tactics and what goods are prohibited from entering the Gaza. I hardly think it was off topic in a discussion about someone injured protesting those two policies. I don't think it was off topic, but if you thought so you could have just said "let's stay on topic" or "I'll post a separate thread for that discussion" instead of just ignoring it, removing it, and wasting my time. I'm not good at telling what is on or off topic so I'll just save myself the effort and leave.

    No hard feelings though :)
    Good luck in life and blogging.

  8. If you really think about it, I fail to see the tragedy here: the student from the USA did exactly what she was supposed to do, which was get injured.

    I mean, aren't protests about PUBLICITY? I assume they are, and far and away the most effective protests involve folks getting hurt and/or killed, preferably nice, naive types with good cred.

    So really, little Emily was wildly successful and instead of soft-eyed sympathy, she should get bigtime applause from anyone who's ever been in a protest, as she did EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS THERE FOR; to get hurt or killed. Why do you think groups invite or involve foreign students from 'good backgrounds' to their shindigs? To watch?

    Please: they are there to potentially get hurt and supply dramatic images for display to well-intentioned folks who identify better with a pretty, jeans-clad arsty-fart than a burkha-clad harridan.

    Mission accomplished.