Friday, June 25, 2010

Quote of the day: "My son be a good boy!"

Taken from today's Washington Post story about 16 year-old Javon Hale, charged as an adult after murdering a man:
Hale's mother, LaShaun Hale, said her youngest son is innocent.

"My children are not animals," she said, meaning Javon and his two older brothers, both also behind bars. One is awaiting sentencing for armed carjacking; the other, a trial in a torture-kidnapping case.

"The police is always trying to pin stuff on my kids that they didn't do," she said.
And the sad part is, she probably believes that.


  1. Her son be a murderer...

    Why is it what some strive to prove a stereotype they claim only exists in certain sections of society?

  2. The fact that the victim of the crime for which Be A Good Boy now stands accused was an illegal alien does not warrant one iota of mercy for BAGB if he is convicted.

    And the fact that the Illegal Alien was a victim of a brutal and horrendous crime does not warrant any special consideration for his surviving illegal friends and relatives as far as their immigration status goes.