Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh my! Elizabeth Collins is going to sue Lagniappe!

Most of you will recall how back on June 11th I opined about the case of Liberal Moonbat Elizabeth Collins, the ex-teacher who got herself fired after repeatedly maligning a child, the child's parents and eventually the private school that employed her, all because the child in question pushed back at Elizabeth's continued introduction of her leftist political opinions into the classroom and responded by turning in an assignment that was critical of Elizabeth's hero and personal messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

I invited Elizabeth and her supporters to come on over here and discuss the issue since Elizabeth, in true liberal fashion, deleted most of the posts to her blog that were critical of her actions or even called them into question even as she wrote about it extensively.

Well she didn't rush to pop on over, and I finally gave up on waiting and moved on to other things. But this evening I got this wonderful surprise in this blog's comment section--a missive from Elizabeth, basically saying "I'll get you, my pretty...and your little dog, too!" Of course like a good liberal, she's threatening to sue me...and Lagniappe.

Her letter follows. Then my reply.
Whoever you are, your verbiage is vile, your facts are wrong, and I would ask you take down this slander (untrue, as it is unverified) before I sic my lawyer on you and your dog.

Your litle friends here did send me messages and all did so anonymously, though I see their names on your page. That's interesting. I guess people feel freer to be nasty when they don't use their names.

I am never nasty and I always use my name.

I never indocrinated anyone, never did anything wrong, never pushed any political agenda. Were you in my class? Do you know what my class was? Try college-level argumentative rhetoric based on political and social justice issues.

Could you handle that class? I asked for sophisticated discourse, not rants that are reminiscent of that clownish Glenn Beck. I didn't get that in one case, and as a teacher who aimed to craft effective lessons, I was "dismayed."

I don't care what you believe, as long as you can express those beliefs intelligently and in a non-hostile manner.

Do some more reading, do some more research, and I strongly suggest you edit this post to eliminate the defamation I see everywhere.

And in response, I say:

Sue me and my dog?

Well Lagniappe and I discussed that, and we're unanimous our response:


Silly Liberal...Rights are for everyone, including the one guaranteed by the First Amendment of our Constitution.

And you might want to have your lawyer explain the concept of "public figure" to you. Like it or not, you are one, at least within the context of this widely-published story. And since you initially sought the publicity yourself when you called the reporters, granted interviews, and blogged about it extensively yourself, good luck trying to convince a judge that no man or dog can offer up additional opinions on the topic that you started.

That aside, all I've done is comment on the news story about your professional demise. I didn't offer up a single original bit of prose, much less claim that it's factual. Don't like the story that I quoted from? Take it up with the source. If/when they retract it, let me know and I'll modify this article, which, BTW, has drawn thousands of hit to my site. (Thank you very much.)

But getting back to that "public figure" issue, I would suggest that you refer your attorney to the seminal case on public figure exceptions, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan 376 U.S. 254 (1964).

You see, Elizabeth, I have a law degree. And I have teaching experience. And in answer to your question, yes I could handle your class. You see, you were an English teacher. You were hired to teach this stuff:






Seriously, Lagniappe and I could easily do that. In fact, we just did. If any of your ex-students can learn a few simple but catchy tunes, they can go away with all of the English they need to get into college-level courses. So put that in your bong and smoke it.

Shortly after finishing this post, Lagniappe and I received yet another missive from the redoubtable Miss (Mrs?) Collins:
Mr Dogface,

Your posting, I regret to inform you, is full of mistruths. I never told students to view my blog; I was always careful not to have anything weird or controversial on there. (Now, I don't care anymore.)

Unprofessional, you say? I call your use of that word libelous.

Do you have any understanding of my qualifications and expertise? No. But trust me, it's a very impressive resume, a thousand miles away from "unprofessional.'

Yes, i am a public figure now. I can thank people such as yourself for making me so.

Do you read books? You might be interested in mine. There are two coming up. I doubt they will be available at Wal-Mart, but if you ever hit actual bookstores, look for them...though it may be two years or so. Publishing is slow.

At any rate, I suggest you read more right now to better understand what you are ranting about. You have no idea what actually happened.

When someone gives you death threats is it unprofessional to mention that? I think people have the right to know so that it never happens to any other (good) teacher again.

How about an apology? What others have done to me and what you also have done to me is terrible, heinous, and that's what I call unprofessional...
though I don't know what your profession even is.

It definitely isn't journalist, informed citizen or writer.

I think it's hack, troll, or just generally nasty person.

Good luck finding a woman to put up with that; I suggest rewording your "want" ad. It's mildly off-putting, to say the least.
How hurtful. But I note that like a true Liberal, she's not exactly falling all over herself to take responsibility for a situation that's pretty much entirely of her own making.

Oh, and Elizabeth, sweetie...if you want to apply for the position, I'll need some quality face and fully-body photos and a copy of your bank statement and credit score. I'm open to all attractive women--even liberals--but they've got to be able to cook and clean and promise not to natter on about the environment, the poor and other such tripe.


  1. This is the most insane thing I have ever seen!! The poor gal must not have anything to do on Friday night but sit around and "google" her own name. How sad.

  2. Ah, brillliant! You are making yourself look even nastier and more ridiculous by using your own words!

    Did you not understand that my class was not grammar class? I, too, enjoy SchoolHouse Rock, but that's not applicable here.

    Once again, with feeling' College-Level (AP...that's advanced placement) Argumentative Rhetoric, aka AP English Language & Composition.

    No, I'm not going to sue you or anyone. But refraining from defamation and libel and just plain telling lies out of school is what I expect from civilized, rational human beings. Apparently, you are not one.

    Feel free to quote me on that.


    P.S. Heather--this is part of my job. The job never ends. No time for hillybilly beer-guzzling with white trash ladies, sorry (I suppose that's where you hang out? Seems so from the list of blogs you follow. I read the list. It was amusing. At least you can read...)

  3. I smell some emotional and mental health issues.

  4. Elizabeth...come on.

    "hillybilly beer-guzzling with white trash ladies..."

    And you keep telling us all that we are the nasty ones?

    You're not exactly coming across as Sweetness and Light, Sugar. You might do well to remember that potential employers may well Google you and you're not exactly painting a picture of yourself as the ideal role model for our nation's youth, here.

    Just saying...

  5. "Have you read my books...I have two COMING UP...not available in Wal-Mart....publishing is so slow..."

    That's the funniest thing I've ever read! Have you read the books that haven't yet been published and won't be available in stores someday in the future.

    I've got an image of Lagniappe rolling on the floor, paws in the air laughing!

    Show me a publisher that doesn't seek the broadest market for the books and I'll show you a vanity press, said the published author...

  6. So true, Ed. But at least in your case, you've actually done things worth writing about--flying some of the finest aircraft ever and saving the free world from Communism. Understandably, you're going to get your excellent books published much easier than someone who has never been anywhere or done anything of note but considers herself an expert on the ways of the world nonetheless.

    Sorry, Elizabeth, but realistically, anyone can sit around telling other people's kids what they should think and believe. Spend a few years out in the real world actually doing something and I'm sure that when you write about that you'll have no trouble at all getting published and distributed.

  7. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Since Lagniappe is included, I should go look for any "nasty and ridiculous" statements he may have made(that I somehow missed)...should be interesting reading.

  8. More liberal do as I say and not as I do. Ms. Collins, if you would be taken seriously and professionally I would encourage you to treat others likewise. If you would have your story told from your perspective I would suggest that you might want to consider supporting and encouraging others when exercising their own First Amendment rights instead of deriding them for expressing an opinion, however much you may dislike it.
    I know, I know. Free speech is such a drag n'est-ce pas?

  9. I looked at her blog, I consider myself fairly liberal (you may think tree hugging flaming liberal), but anyway, I'm glad she did not have an opportunity to teach my kids (or my grandchildren).

    Just trying to keep your blog diversified . . .

  10. Well.. Just checked.. She deleted my comment as well.. And I was rather middle-of-the-road!!
    Just goes to show, if you're not in lock-step with them, they want to believe that you don't even exist..
    Poor thing, she shows her true colors constantly.. Deleting truthful, kindly-written comments (i.e. mine).. Then the comment she posted on here.. And the snotty little '(AP...that's advanced placement)' dig... Oy vey!! :):):)

  11. Anonymous7:40 PM

    You are a pathetic man. I weep for you, to think that some poor woman had to give birth to such a hideous, nasty creature.

    Why don't you have a picture up? What are you trying to hide?

    All the morons reading your blog are exactly the same as you. Evil. Deeply stupid. At leeast some of them have pictures.

    You will probably rot in hell for being such a nasty bastard. Do you believe in hell?

    What a loser you are! Dare you to post this. I'm just sayin what everyone else knows is true.

  12. "hillybilly beer-guzzling with white trash ladies"
    ARE you kidding me? While hill-billy is a moniker I proudly proclaim(which she obviously ASSumed from my avatar), where the heck does she come off accusing me of being beer-guzzling white trash? Anyone who knows me, knows my drink is Wild Turkey-I never touch beer. And that's trailer trash to you sweetheart! We finally got our doublewide in March! ;-)
    Besides that I'm not really white being that I have all of this Cherokee-Jewish heritage. ;-)

  13. Show me a publisher that doesn't seek the broadest market for the books and I'll show you a vanity press, said the published author...

    Also, *two years* to press? I chuckled at the "Wal-Mart" bit, though. Oh, yes, *we're* the "provincial" ones.

  14. Meg,

    I assume that you are one of Elizabeth's former students. A few of your peers have written in with similar personal attacks, but your is the first one that wasn't too obscene to print so I figure that I'd put it up as a representative of the sort of product that Elizabeth was cranking out in that schoolroom. Your parents must be quite proud to know that their daughter is well on her way to becoming one of those crazy bitter women who grows old alone in a house full of cats.

  15. The main problem with teaching an AP class of affluent smart kids is ennui and boredom, and choking on thick clouds of Smug dripping with rich, artery-hardening Irony.
    Carly Fiorina was in AP at Gunn with one of my former bosses, she had to grind it out but a lot of kids were faculty brats and "natural" geniuses - they just floated. Today they float all unawares of their own biases - like a fish in water a Libberal really does believe in immersion, just not for languages that begin with SPA and end in NISH...
    From what I remember in such a class, about all that's required is affirming their already ultra inflated self-esteem and giving them an extra dusting of You-So-Super-Special Polish, so that they won't blame *you* if their parents grumble about their GPA - blame PE instead.
    Actually it's harder for a student to have a teacher who looks as good as Liz apparently does (judging from the neck up anyhow), because you're constantly disrtracted by special *thoughts* - Van Halen was right. My 8th Grade AP teacher was HOT, but tent-pants are so embarrassing when you're called on in Class. You could drop a whole grade by not standing up.