Saturday, July 31, 2010

Enough already!

About a month ago, I penned my disgust for the media's unending coverage of no-talent train-wreck Lindsay Lohan and her never-ending drama. My theory was (and still is) that the media moguls choose to bury us under this stuff every day to keep us from noticing and disapproving of Obama and the Democrats' bungling and corruption.

It's a sound theory and I'll stand by it. It's undisputed that almost every media outlet in America was an unbiased Obama supporter during the last election and now they're trying to distract us from his failings in a lame attempt to save what little of their own credibility they have left.

And now, with TWO Democrats--Rangel and Waters--facing ethics trials and the Gulf oil spill still not cleaned up, the media is trying extra hard to push the negative (for Dems) news off of the front page by giving us not just Lindsay Loser but another freak named Snooki.

Again, I don't want to know about these people. I don't want my brain to be filled with anything about them. I try to avoid it, but every single news source seems to want to shove this crap in our faces 24/7. Lindsay and Snooki; Snooki and Lindsay. Watch them cry, fight, get drunk, fall down, puke and go to jail. Why would I want to watch this? I've had more than one ex-girlfriend who could (and did) do this stuff with monotonous regularity. (And I loved them all for it.)

But the media...they want us to watch this so we won't notice Obama's failings or the fact that about every third Democrat in Congress (Rangel, Waters, Kerry, Sestak and others too numerous to list here)is having some sort of an ethical problem just three months before we vote on keeping them around. It's the old "Hey, look at those drunk chicks instead of our economy!" distraction.

Well I've had more than enough of it, and more than enough of Lindsay Lohan and Snooki, too.

So I propose one last big media event--one certain to please and amuse most of America: A knife fight--to the death--between Lindsay and Snooki. It'll be live on pay-per-view, and the rules are simple: Both get locked in a cage and only one comes out, but not until the other has assumed room temperature permanently. I don't even care which one wins, because the real winner will be the American public as there will be 50% less useless drama thrust into our faces disguised as "news" after this fight's over.

Oh, and the survivor? She has to follow Barack Obama around everywhere he goes for the next three months, thus ensuring that the whole world will see everything that he says and does between now and the next election.

Am I a genius, or what?


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    I constribute this to someting stated in F.A. Hayeks book "Road to Serfdom" - "that Americans are well-feed and entertained..".

    We know more about pop culture than our Founding Fathers or liberties. Most Americans could not recite the Bill of Rights, let alone tell you what it meant.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I will supply the lock for the cage and the knife for the fight.
    I will sell tickets also.The help chain the winner to Obama.

  3. Modern America's educational system, developed over the last forty years has given us modern America's electorate which operates on the basis of slogans, sound-bites and manifest ignorance. You got a problem wid dat?

  4. Sounds like a winner to me!!!

  5. Tipping my hat to true genius.

  6. I forget which Marx Brothers film it was, but Chico and Harpo were each at the end of a long string of licorice, eating towards the middle.

    Groucho, in the background, says something to the effect that "If we're lucky they'll eat each other up!"

    If we;re lucky, Lindsay and Snooki will kill one another and neither will emerge from the cage alive!

  7. You're right Sir, it is 'disinformation' at it's best...