Saturday, July 24, 2010

New business plan

So lately I've been mulling a new entrepreneurial career path.

My latest idea is simplicity itself. I plan on selling "tank insurance".

That's right. I offer each and every resident of this community the opportunity to buy one of my "tank insurance" policies. For a mere $200 a year, you get a yard sign and decals for a car's rear window. (Extra cars can be insured for $50.00 each.) Persons purchasing such a policy and displaying the stickers and yard signs in accordance with the instructions provided with said signs and stickers can sleep safe knowing that their cars and houses will probably not be crushed by a tank.

Oh, and of course I also need to go and buy a Russian Army surplus T-72 tank from these people, strictly for advertising purposes, of course.

Once I get the tank back here to rural West Virginia and people start seeing it running up and down these narrow mountain roads, I have a hunch that my policies might prove quite popular indeed.

Neighbors! Don't let THIS happen to YOU! Buy our new Tank Insurance policy today before something bad happens!

I'm having my legal guy look this over, of course, but I'm not seeing any problems with it. What say you?


  1. I think it was a mercy-killing - putting a pink Lada out of its misery.

    Your business plan does sound intriguing, sign me up as an investor and get me to a tank-driving class stat :-)

  2. Intriguing... Maybe I'll offer a companion service. I'll offer to put the cars under the tank in the first place.

    I'll pitch in the kickbacks.

  3. Genius. You're a friggin genius.