Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks, Pal.

Thanks a lot.

Today I took Lagniappe out for a ride, just because he's been penned up in the house for so long. He was so excited when I told him that he could come down the stairs to the door--he hasn't been out in a few weeks now because he just can't walk well enough any more. Even today he couldn't get up in my truck without help, but hey--what are friends for? I got him up there and I took him along to run a few errands. He loves to ride and he never ceases watching everything and everyone around us.

At lunch time, I went to a little place with an outdoor patio that allows dogs, so he was able to come lay beside me and partake of a few morsels. While there, I ran across a nice young lady that I've been trying to chat up. Of course she's heard about Lagniappe and wanted to meet him, but she was a bit apprehensive when she got near him. "He won't bite me, will he?"

No, I assured her. he won't.

But Lagniappe, sensing her uncertainty, snapped at her hand as she reached out tentatively to pet him. Then as she recoiled, he barked at her, pretty much putting her to flight.

Now I know that this is just him playing. He could have easily had her hand if he'd meant to bite her, and he didn't even get up from the ground when he barked. He frequently does this with people that he senses aren't comfortable around him and it seems to amuse him, but dammit, dog...I'm trying to close a deal here and you're not helping when you literally chase her off.

A few minutes passed as she talked to me from a distance, and then she came closer to try again with him. This time however, he was Mr. Nice and he not only let her pet him, but he gave her more than a few kisses.

Dammit, twice, you're jumping ahead of me! I can't win, here.

I was so peeved at him that I almost didn't take him for ice cream afterwards.

Damn dog.


  1. hehehe- Best friend or worst enemy, situation dependant, right?

  2. HAHA HAHA.. That is so hysterical.
    Go Lagniappe.

    (I can't believe that your dog is getting the icecream AND the'd better step up your game there mister ;-))

  3. It's hard to find a good wing-man, er, -dog.