Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm just saying...

Now that whack-job "pastor" Terry Jones has allegedly scrapped his plan to burn a Koran or two on 9/11 at the request of just about everybody, we now have the Olympic-class assholes over at the Westboro baptist "church" saying that they are going to burn a few, just for the attention.

And in keeping with the tenets of their "religion of peace", numerous radical 12th century goat-rapers (muslims) have sworn to kill whoever does this sort of thing.

OK, much as I hate muslim terrorists, I'm willing to take the position that if a few of them go all suicide-bomber and take out the whole inbred Phelps/Roper clan at Westboro, we can just let that one slide, provided, of course, that there are no survivors on either side.


  1. I'm with you - taking out Westboro in a suicide bomber attack sounds like a win-win situation all the way around...

    Kisses to the sweetest puppy on the Internet...


  2. I'm pretty much willing to go along with you on this one.