Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day results

Lagniappe and I will be reporting throughout the evening, so keep checking back.

First report out of South Carolina... Democrat Alvin Greene just lost to Republican Jim DeMint for Senate. No surprise, but we'll miss Greene if only for the comedy relief.

Looks like Rand Paul(R) has the Kentucky Senate seat he was going for, and Dan Coats (R) just nabbed the Senate seat there for the GOP. R's are now up one.

In Connecticut...Richard Blumenthal--the guy who repeatedly lied about his military service--won the Senate seat...as a Dem, naturally. They're shameless and totally without honor, just like he is.

Delaware Senate--Coons takes it. It was O'Donnell's to lose and she sure lost it. Good ideas, but every time she opened her mouth...Of course her Republican primary foe undermining her early on didn't help either.

West Virginia Senate: Raese(R) v. Manchin(D). News is calling it for Manchin--the "I loved Obama's policies last year but hate them all now that I need votes" guy. Another phony takes a seat on the Dim side of the Senate.

South Carolina conserva-chick Nikki Haley is going to be the new Republican governor. Yes!

Florida House 8: Webster(R) v. Grayson(Lout). Grayson is the jerk who announced that the GOP health care plan was for sick people to die. He also put out some totally disgusting lies about his opponent in this race and generally acted like a tool over the past two years. But his day is done. Webster smoked him and Grayson is TOAST! Yay!

Oh--and Rubio will be the next Senator from Florida. Nice. Suck on that, Crist.

Michigan Governor: Snyder(R) v. Bernero(D). Looks like Snyder's taking it handily. The people in that state have clearly had enough of Dem-o-conomics courtesy of outgoing liberal Jenny Granholm.

Virginia's 5th House: Tom Perriello(D)--Obama butt-boy--is history. He was a one-term Dem who voted for Obamacare and Stimulus and boasted about it. Obama spent a lot of time campaigning for him...and he LOST! Smoke that, Barak.

Wisconsin's Russ Feingold(D) just lost his Senate seat. Good riddance.

California just re-seated Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown. America needs to just cut that damned third-world state off...at least the southern half of it.

Colorado's trying to be California, apparently giving it to Hickenlooper, an unapologetic Illegal Alien supporter, and Bennet, a serious lib. Idiots in that state had a chance to help save America, but they voted to keep driving us into the ditch instead. Must be all of that "medical" marijuana they're smoking. Wait--hold off on that--Buck may actually have come back and won it...it's too close to tell at the end.

Pennsylvania: Welcome, Senator Toomey! Obama's and Clinton's hard work for Sestak was for nothing as corrupt Arlen Specter's old seat falls to the GOP.

In Nevada Senate, it looks like letting the SEIU thugs count the votes paid off for Harry Reid...that and spending millions of slanderous personal attack ads and busing a lot of stupid people to the polls. Damn it.

Washington State: Murray(D) v. Rossi(R) still being contested. Come on, Dino. But Murray won six years ago in a squeaker due to a lot of "suspicious" votes and a Dem A.G. who refused to investigate. Will voter fraud pull her through again?

Alaska Senate race between Joe Miller(R) v. Lisa "voters can't fire me" Murkowski(Traitor) is still being undetermined, but apparently many Dems abandoned their guy and wrote ballots in. If she manages to come out ahead in the count, it'll be because of Dem interference and she should be shunned and ignored. And no matter what the result of Alaska's, Lisa "My Daddy gave me this seat" Murkowski needs to be tarred and feathered for spoiling the race or trying to.

All in all, the GOP swept the House and most of the open Governor's races and made gains in the Senate but didn't quite take it. Pelosi is back to some broom closet and John Boehner will be the new Speaker of the House. A new day is dawning and the grown-ups are going to be in charge of much of America now. Don't blow it GOP--you're on probation with many of us and this is your last chance.


  1. from Florida:
    Alan Grayson is gone!! Defeated by Dan Webster.

    Suzanne Kosmas (D), GONE! Particularly gratifying to me because my wife and I had 5 minutes with her in summer '09 in a town hall meeting before those disappeared. Kosmas voted for obamacare, and she's GONE!!! Yes!

    and just as good, Charlie Crist, bye bye! Couldn't agree more that he's a snake of the worst order. To think he was my best choice for governor a few years ago too, blech.

  2. Dammit! I really wanted to call Boxer "unemployed" come tomorrow!

  3. CA - Governor Moonbeam returns. You know, I looked at a county returns map of CA, and only the coastal regions were blue - everywhere else in the state was red. Must be the salt in those ocean breezes rusts out your brains.

    MI - Additional details: R's take Gov, AG , SOS, Supreme Court, State House, and MSU/UM/WSU Trustees/Regents. Increase majority in Senate.


  4. The grown-ups are going to be in charge


    Unfortunately, my New Orleans District voted in the corrupt, unethical criminal. I think it must be a tradition and Cao was just an anomaly. Oh well. Having a Congressman with a conscience was nice while it lasted.

  5. We're going to have to keep pushing the congresscritters... We made some gains, but we can't lose focus!