Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks, federal pay freezes show us--again--why we have the wrong guy in the White House

Not a good week for Barky, is it? Wikileaks just dumped a third batch of US classified documents into the wind after the Obama Administration largely ignored the last two releases of our proprietary information. Only now, unlike the last two times, Obama is upset. What's the difference, you ask? Well let's look at that. The first two releases of classified information that was stolen by traitor Bradley Manning, then a US Army intelligence analyst in Irag, mainly just exposed military secrets, including operational assessments, tactical plans and the names of Iraqi and Afghani citizens who were cooperating with us and trying to put their countries back on stable ground. Now those people and their families are all at risk--and some have reportedly been killed--but Obama was tacitly ok with that because, I suspect, in his view it only further damaged the military and the Bush administration, and Obama has never considered those to be part of "his" America. But this recent leak of over 250,000 State Department cables has embarrassed his administration and harmed his government's credibility, so now suddenly he wants something done about it. He was apparently perfectly content to let Wikileaks harm other Americans or our working partners, but when the fire finally reached his palace...

And we also have Obama trying to further divide Americans and turn us against each other by proposing a two-year freeze on the cost-of-living increases for all federal civilian employees. He claims that this is necessary due to the trillion-dollar deficit that we face this year--caused 100% by his spending programs--and he's hoping that the contempt that many Americans feel towards those who work for the government will somehow help make him look like a fighter and a careful steward of our money for once in his pathetic life.

Of course he isn't proposing to freeze hiring new employees. No, he'll keep on doing that in his quest for a large Borg-collective government that controls everything. He'll just deny the existing employees a 1.4% COLA and pretend that he's slashing spending all while adding thousands more people to the federal payroll.

All right. It's time for Barky to step aside. He's proven again that he's dangerously out of touch and incompetent. It's time for a new leader--one who can make the right choices and see America through to good times again. It's time to elect ME.

That's right. Me. I'll do it. Give me just a week and watch what I'll do to fix both of these problems.

First of all, I will call my entire CIA in. They will be given their marching orders: Deal with Wikileaks. Their offices will burn. Their computers will fry and their bank accounts will disappear. Every employee of that company will die an "accidental" death within 72 hours. And Julian Assange, the head of it all? No one will ever see him again or find his body. The whole outfit will be erased from the earth as an example of our willingness to defend our affairs and a warning to anyone else considering similar attacks against us. I'll probably seize the New York Times and lock it's anti-American editor Bill Keller up, too.
Oh--and Bradly Manning, the traitor? He'd be thrown up against a wall and shot on live television come the very next dawn and his body bulldozed into a landfill. Heck, I might even be the guy pulling the trigger.

No quarter for our enemies, even those who live among us. That'll be my motto.

And then the federal pay issue. I will not deny the federal workers their COLA. I will, in fact, increase by 10% the pay of all necessary federal employees, namely those employed in law enforcement, the federal courts, and those working as stewards of our federal lands. I'll give our military heroes an even bigger boost. And then I'll eliminate the rest of the federal workforce altogether. Whole departments will disappear within a week. HUD, Education, Agriculture, Labor, Health and Human Services, TSA...all will be shut down, their employees furloughed, and their buildings and equipment sold or turned over to the states. You want real savings? You'll have 'em, right here.

Now if you think that that stuff's radical, just wait until you see what I'd do in the next week when I get around to dealing with illegal immigration.

Ah well...we'll just have to wait a bit. Sadly, it seems that a majority of the voters preferred Obama over me this past election. But had you all just written me in...


  1. Ummmmm.... Let's step back for a moment there. As much as I'm not a fan of this administration, to say that it ignored the first two WikiLeaks releases is a lie. I have spent 4 months of my life so far going through every single document and assessing the damage that was done. Just because it's not in the media and the administration isn't humping every camera in rage doesn't mean that nothing was done about it.

    Second - the majority of the documents that were released in the first two tranches were, in fact, simple radio transmissions, SIGACTS, MEDEVAC requests for ass rash, etc. I would calculate that about 10 percent of the ones I personally examined contained operational information, names of sources, etc. THAT WAS BAD ENOUGH. We had a lot of folks compromised, and there was nothing we could do about it.

    This latest batch is the most harmful, not because of its operational use, but because what it can do politically to our alliances, intelligence sharing agreements and relationships with political sources. That's why it's a huge deal.

    As for Assmange... well, now that the Russians are involved, I think that little problem will resolve itself. They're not known for being kind. Just ask Alexander Litvinenko or Viktor Yuschenko about that.

  2. My point is that had they wanted to, they could have done a lot more, both legally and technologically, to stop this guy. If the Department of Homeland Security can summarily take domain names and shut down websites that it accuses of peer-to-peer music transfers, it could have whacked Wikileaks, too.

    Or we could have just assassinated Assange. I'd have been good with that.

    Bottom line is that this guy and his little company should have been shut down months ago, one way or another. Until now, we've just wrung our hands and hoped that it would stop. Force should have been used if that was really the only available option.

  3. Trust me, I would have loved to have killed this bastard. Would have saved me, personally, a lot of grief. Just not how we do things, I guess. No matter now, though. That IS how the Russians do things.

  4. I'm writing you in right now!

    ("Borg-like collective." Darn good analogy. Resistance is futile.)

  5. Yeah, I know that it's not how "we" do things. But it's how I'D do things. I mean, why have a CIA if I can't use it to kill people who pose a threat to the country or otherwise annoy me?

  6. Can't comment, but read todays post and then take my big "thank you".

    Those that I went to graduate school with that went into private industy drive new BMW's. I drive a a very old truck.

    I'm still proud to serve.

  7. You don't like the government but you want them to keep secrets? I don't get it. You should LIKE wikileaks for exposing the "rotten" government.

  8. When Bush was president you said you didn't like people who "criticized our commander in chief during war time."

    Now Obama is the "commander in cheif" and you criticize him all the time, yet we are still at war.

    Don't you see the hypocrisy?

  9. If I was in charge, psychotic right wing authoritarians like YOU would be the ones I would deal with. You are nazi-like in your authoritarianism.

    Nazis = bad. Right?

    And don't try to argue that you are not a Nazi. You are, just in a different time and a different country. You just can't handle that truth.

  10. Ah, Felsy...

    When Bush was in charge, he was trying to win a war and people like you were trying to undermine him not because he did anything that was hurting you but just because he wasn't “your” guy. And you weren't above attacking our troops in order to accomplish your objective. That was the shameful part—you put your partisanship above any loyalty to our country.

    And while Obama may be in charge now, he was one of you back then. He was willing to increase the risks for our troops and bring about America's defeat overseas if it meant that he'd get elected, and now that he's there, he's pretty much ignoring them and the wars. He's also going against America's history, constitution and the will of a majority of the people in his quest to change our country permanently into something much less American. So yes, we're speaking up against him and trying to stop him, not because we just don't like him, but because he's actually doing things that are harming America.

    And I guess that you haven't read back far enough, because I've also been a vocal critic of Bush when he was doing the wrong things for our country, namely championing amnesty for illegals, spending too much money, and growing our government larger by creating fool agencies like TSA. Unlike people like you, Fels, we conservatives stand for America, not a political party or a smooth-talking Chicago huckster who promises to change our country into a place where even slackers like you can't fail.

    And that's also why we want to see the Wikileaks participants stopped harshly and permanently. They're attacking our country—not just the conservative part of the liberal part but the whole country. But you'd have to be patriotic to understand so I won't bother explaining it further.

    Oh—and “Nazi?” Is that really the best that you can do? Seriously? You should probably log off now, as I expect that your school bus will be along shortly.

  11. Dude...I'd love to write you in, but that would sort of pre-empt the little evil co-overlord gig Nicki and I have planned....

    Although....as evil co-overlords of ALL THE UNIVERSE...we will be in need of competent, motivated, like-minded individuals to run the day-to-day operations while we torture and kill libtardian scum. Want the job? We'll make the pay heavily incentive-laden...say 5% of GDP when and all of the hippies you can kill once the federal budget is balanced and all the Constitution has been restored?

  12. I could be good with that...But I would never kill hippies. I would just make them bathe, work every day, stay drug-free and...oh, wait--I guess that would kill them, wouldn't it?

  13. You, sir, have the job!!!