Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thug woman in Denver follows in her husband's footsteps.

Detra Farries sits in jail in Denver, Colorado at this moment, and rightfully so. Farries is accused of hopping into her SUV and driving off as a tow truck driver tried to remove it from an apartment complex where it had been illegally parked for an extended period without license plates. In the process, the tow truck driver was dragged for over a mile and killed. Several people tried to stop Farries, but she just kept going as the man screamed. When the tow truck driver--a married father of two and an Iraqi war vet--finally came disengaged from the SUV, Farries quickly made a U-turn across the median and sped away. However the police found her shortly thereafter.

And here's Farries' MySpace page. Aside from the fact that all of her "friends" seem to be relishing the thug/gangster lifestyle, it's also noteworthy that she's a big Obama fan and supporter.

I guess that like Peggy, she thought that Obama was going to pay her car note, but apparently he didn't because it was also apparently subject to a repossession notice, which is probably why the license plates had been removed--so the repo people couldn't find it as easily.

Oh, and adding to the "just plain wrong" of this case, her husband is Terroll Farries Jr.. He's currently in prison for hitting and killing a 51-year-old Denver woman then driving away and hiding his vehicle back in December, 2009. And after his sentencing, she actually wrote in to the newspaper to defend her husband and blamed the victim for walking in front of him! I guess that depravity and a lack of conscience is something that the two of them have in common and I hope that she gets more than the four years that her husband got.


  1. Disgusting and beyond words. While I thought these morons who still display their Obama stickers proudly were the worst, I saw something worse today. Not only did this woman have the Obama sticker on, she had a new one...this one advertised Michelle Obama, 2016. Can you imagine?

  2. Disgusting is right... And she will probably not even get jail time...

  3. Small correction. Happened in Colorado Springs, not Denver. In that city, she will probably get the full meal deal.

  4. Anonymous7:31 PM

    These vile animals need locked up for ever

  5. Just wow...manslaughter is way too light. I sincerely hope she doesn't walk...

  6. I have a doctorate in Criminal Justice Administration. The law should prevail.

    Honey and fire ants.

  7. "it's also noteworthy that she's a big Obama fan and supporter."

    No, it is not noteworthy at all.

    Not at all.

    How is that noteworthy in *any* way to this story?

    Was this whole story just an excuse to post that three year old Peggy video?

    I am speechless and incredibly disappointed.

  8. It's noteworthy and relevant to see that this non-working mother of eight who has now been involved in TWO hit-and-run fatalities and shown no remorse whatsoever also supports Obama. Since Obama's attempted re-election is coming around next year, it behooves us all to look at his core constituencies so that we can determine whether America should be shaped in the direction our founders and other early Americans intended or people like this thug-life glamorizing hood rat. What kind of America do we want to pass down to our kids? Thomas Jefferson's and Ronald Reagan's ideal America or one preferred by people like Detra Farries'?