Monday, February 21, 2011

How times have changed

As we watch today's spoiled youth mock and malign our troops who are in harm's way, and as we recall a generation who came of age in the 60's and 70's who considered it "cool" to hate and spit on our troops and burn recruitment centers, sometimes I need a reminder that it wasn't always that way. There was a time when Americans got behind our troops and our leaders, and back then, a pro-America, pro-war-effort Hollywood actually led the way.

Here's a little gem I found consisting of veteran actor William Frawley (known to many later in life as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo's grumpy landlord Fred Mertz or Bub O'Casey on My Three Sons) leading a movie matinee patriotic sing-along about supporting our war effort and buying war bonds during World War Two.

Catchy, ain't it?
It's ironic that he's dressed as an academic. Maybe those sheltered shitbird Columbia U. kids could learn a thing or two from "Professor" Frawley.


  1. I recommend you listen to the actual audio recoding of this event before characterizing all Columbia U. kids as "sheltered shitbirds." You can clearly hear jeers from perhaps two or three people while the student moderators call for respect and silence. After Maschek's speech, courteous applause can be heard throughout the auditorium. Any heated politic debate in a large, public place is bound to have a few shouting idiots. In the future I would advise against using the New York Post for any kind of serious information. It tends to be overly sensational in its reporting.

  2. It's not just the Post, NE. It's numerous media sources, including the left's own darling, the Huffington Post. Google the story and you'll find numerous reports documenting the obnoxious behavior of the student body in that room, none of which even pretend to claim that it was only "two or three" students--it was a lot more--and none of which give any indication that the rest of the students did anything to oppose it. It was clearly a hostile crowd made up of kids who are so unpatriotic that they don't even want other students to have the option of learning more about the military on the grounds of the campus that the punks' parents have rented them space on for four years.

    And this isn't isolated--this is the same university that invited Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak and feted him with all sorts of accolades. That shows how out of touch the average spoiled child of rich parents is, and they make up a large percentage of the students at Columbia. Now they're getting upset because this story has shined the light of day on who they are and what they're like and they're not comfortable with that. Well, tough.

  3. Like the guy in the Huffington Post said, this sort of behavior only tends to reinforce an idea, valid or not, that Columbia is a very left leaning institution.
    I'm thinking it's a more valid than not....

  4. Did my last comment get scrubbed or did it just not go through?

  5. Honestly, I hit Delete when I meant to hit Publish. I was a bit tired yesterday. Sorry about that.

    However the point behind this post isn't to debate the NY Posts' reporting style, or the Huffington Post's method of acquiring stories. Seriously, it was just supposed to highlight an actor that I happen to like who is all but forgotten today.

    The kids at Columbia just made it into the story by way of contrast because they chose to display their assininity at the wrong time. They, and their lack of patriotism really aren't the focus other than as a contrast to the way things used to be back in better times.