Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The vacuum cleaner went and got reinforcements!

Poor Murphy.

Readers here will recall his battles with the vacuum cleaner. He still hates that device and can be counted on to attack it at least once or twice every time I try to clean the floors. But Murph has just figured out that the vacuum cleaner has a friend who has been silently lurking in my bedroom, waiting to pounce.

He discovered this today when, due to the heat and humidity that we got here, I retired to my room to enjoy the air conditioning. The air conditioner makes the room fantastically comfortable on the hottest day, especially when the cool air is swirled around by the ceiling fan.

Well I haven't used either of these things since Murphy came to live here, so it obviously came as something of a shock to him to walk into the bedroom and see the fan come to life and begin to spin menacingly above his head.

Suddenly he stopped and looked up. You could almost hear him exclaim: "What the hell is THAT?!"
And with his eyes still riveted to the spinning fan, Murphy backed out of the room. He then stood in the doorway and began to growl at it.

It took me a couple of minutes and a few tricks to get him to come back into the bedroom. This has to be done because this is where his bed is and he's going to have to either get along with the fan or move.

He reluctantly came back in, but he's careful to keep an eye on that insidious fan, because clearly it's poised to descend the moment that he turns his back on it.
"So the vacuum got back-up, huh? Well you just stay up there and we won't have any trouble."

EDITED TO ADD: I can report that as of this morning, Murphy and the fan are now good friends. He's lying spread out beneath it right now, the breeze ruffling his fur, instead of on his dog bed in the corner.

But it's still a cold war with the vacuum.


  1. You should acquire a Roomba just for the entertainment value.

  2. He knows that it's always wise to keep an eye on the sky. Cute.

  3. It's always amazing how they act like you've beat them silly with the vacuum, isn't it?

  4. That poor dog is going to be on Prozac pretty soon, and barking at his own shadow!

  5. LOL- Yeah, get a Roomba and I'll bet on Murphy in 15 minutes or less to destroy it :-)

  6. Roomba would die.
    My nephew the Spud had a remote-controlled car once. He thought that it would be funny to tease Lagniappe with it. Lagniappe picked it up and threw it down a few times and that was the end of the toy car.

  7. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Who knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of fans?Murphy