Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Barry blaming GOP for not doing what he didn't do.

2008. Candidate Obama says: "I think that we need to give illegal aliens a chance to become American citizens. They should be able to go to college, get driver's license, and walk our streets without being afraid of the police or ICE. All Hispanics need to vote for me because I'll do these things for you."

2009 - 2010. Obama is president and his party controls both houses of Congress. He says: "Immigration? Whatever. Not my priority any more. Be quiet, you Hispanics."

2011. GOP now controls house due to anti-Obama backlash. Obama now says: "How dare that GOP not give these poor illegals a chance to get legal! How dare the GOP not let them go to school or have jobs here! All Hispanics should vote for me, because the GOP won't do anything for you!"

Latino voter in the back of the room: "But why didn't you do anything for us when you had all the power? Why should we trust you again?"

Obama: "Somebody get that Republican plant out of the room! Where's SEIU when I need them? Nobody pay any attention to that guy...Turn those cameras off! George Bush probably sent him in here! Hey, anyone wanna see my secret pictures of dead Osama?"

Yeah, ok. I made the last two up. But can any of you honestly see Obama saying anything different? Anyone?

By the way, after reviewing his latest speech, in which he openly mocks and derides people who want the borders secured and the illegals deported, I have to ask you all when did it suddenly become fashionable or even acceptable for a sitting president to insult and disrespect any and every American citizen who doesn't agree with him politically? Neither Bush did, nor did Clinton, Reagan or even Carter. But B.O. seems to think that he's filling in for Letterman and that it's "hip" or "cool" to put down American citizens, be they bitter Pennsylvanians "clinging to their guns and their religion" or just mainstream Americans who don't want to see this country take one hard left turn after another. Is this the "unity" that he keeps telling us all that we need to come together and adopt?

You may be president for now, Barry, but that doesn't give you license to disrespect us all. It's unpresidential and you come off looking like a punk who has been promoted beyond his abilities.


  1. Yeah, pretty amazing huh?

  2. Beyond his abilities.
    But, Still,
    Beneath Contempt.

  3. He has no leadership skills nor real knowledge of what it takes to be a leader, therefore his only course is to denigrate his opponents in an attempt to make himself look better. He has no love for the people or laws of this country, therefore they are the target of his derision.

    As JohnB said, he is beneath contempt.