Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back to the vet...

Murphy pulled all of his stitches out last night.

I might as well just have my paychecks direct-deposited to the vet's account.


  1. Looks like he's going to become acquainted with the Spanish Collar.


  2. Oh no. Is he going to have to wear the 'cone of shame' now?

    Take a look at the movie 'Up', there's a part in there where the dogs call that cone they put on their necks, "the cone of shame".

    Poor Murphy and your poor wallet.

  3. Damn, sorry to hear that. Hope you get reimbursed by the neighbor.

  4. Ouch. Wallet hits are one thing - repeated wallet hits for the same issue - insult to injury. Methinks Murphy will be hatin' the cone...

  5. I feel your pain. The blind, 16 year old shih tzu has had a bout of colitis -- vet bills AND lots of laundry.