Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Man Movie

In the 1968 film Villa Rides, we see Pancho Villa's right-hand killer Rodolfo Fierro, played by Charles Bronson, killing captured Mexican soldiers for fun. American pilot Lee Arnold, played by Robert Mitchum, tries to stop him, rather unsuccessfully. But just as Fierro takes aim to shoot Arnold, Pancho Villa makes his entrance.

Recognize Villa? That's Yul Brenner with a toupee.

And in this second clip, with better graphics (and, regrettably, Dutch subtitles), Fierro refuses to fly in the plane, so Villa orders Arnold to teach him to fly it...immediately.

My flying lessons were nothing like that!


  1. Wo wast little Neddie Niederlander wenn zey needed him?

    He could fly zat aeroplane!

  2. Bronson, Mitchum, Brynner...
    Did sprinkle estrogen over the popcorn, as a prophylactic measure?