Saturday, May 14, 2011

All's well...

So the neighbors whose dog bit Murphy paid the damages in full today--for both vet trips. That shows some class, since I found out that he is, in fact, out of work right now and they're dependent on her income solely. Times are tight for them, but they did what they had to do.

In return, I took him shooting this morning. I helped him sight in an M1 Garand that he'd bought a few years back and never shot, and we did some pistol shooting. I know how it is when money's tight, so I brought out an ample quality of my ammunition (I reload so I have tons in .30-06 and 9mm) and told him to just save his for another day.

We got his M1 dialed in perfectly at 100 yards, and I shot mine a bit, too.

Then a bench-rester who was shooting his rifle at the other end of the line came down to look at the Garands and asked a few questions about them, showing real interest. I showed him mine, explained how to get them from the CMP, and then I handed him a clip and told him to give mine a try. He shot all eight, then when the clip ejected with a loud "PING!" he turned to me with a massive grin on his face and said "My wife's going to hate you."
I told him that I could deal with that so long as I saw him out on the line by fall with his own Garand. And in his case, I suspect that I will.

Whoa--me shooting Garands with the guy whose dog bit Murphy AND a bench-rester? Was this some crazy dream resulting from a late-night trip to Five Guys?

No, it really happened, just like that. Just another day in banjo county, WV.


  1. The way I see it, there was class exhibited by all parties - good stuff!
    M1 Garands? A class all by themselves - definitely on my "must acquire" list. I've got a very nice 1903-A3 in my sights first.

  2. Good neighbor's. Hope they get their dog settled in and socialized as well. Even though money is tight they showed reall character and class. I'd find out how handy the husband is as a handy man or gun cleaner and give him a chance to earn back some of his money.

  3. Well done. You are a fine gentleman. That shows a lot of class.

  4. Whoa--me shooting Garands with the guy whose dog bit Murphy AND a bench-rester?

    Rain of fire; dogs and cats living together out of wedlock; end of the world.

  5. Excellent! Great story and you are indeed a Gentleman!

  6. LOL- Turn a negative into a positive X2 Good on ya Murph!!!

  7. I'm thinking I like your neck of the woods -- full of good folk. In New Orleans? Some guy in a ginormous truck clipped my side mirror (while I was in the car!) and didn't even stop.

  8. Dogs and Guns...bringing people together since, well, hell, I'm guessing Dan'l Boone!