Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Afternoon fun

Yesterday I took Murphy to the dog park, intending to do some off-leash work with him. Unfortunately, when we got there, the gate was locked with no explanation. So, as we drove home, I decided to take him swimming again.
This time, I let him swim without the leash, since he's been good at staying with me lately, and since he can only get out of the water at one spot. As soon as I got his fetch toy out, his eyes lit up.

Here he is, fetching his toy.
Good dog.

Here he is, just swimming for the sake of swimming, after biting the fetch toy in half. He just kept going back in and paddling around for the fun of it.Good dog.

But them he had to end the day be being Murphy again, waiting until my guard was down and running off down the road. Bad dog!

I'm thinking that someone's going to be getting a new shock collar in the near future.


  1. Still testing the 'limits'... Sounds like he's about to find out what the REAL limit is...

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Sounds like Murphy is in for a shocking time in the future

  3. Yep -- Bouie immediately behaves when the ol' shock collar comes out.

    Looks like y'all had a nice afternoon overall, though. He's so handsome!

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM You made the Mail!

  5. @afuzzball: I can't claim to be the originator of that pic. It's been floating around the interweb for years. I just appropriated it like all the others on the sidebar.