Monday, June 27, 2011

How dogs survive in nature--canine wiles

Well Murphy's got his wiles running full-bore.

Yesterday I took him to Harpers Ferry, and while I talked to Sharon at the Swiss Miss ice cream shop, Murphy enjoyed his own ice cream cone. But that apparently wasn't enough for him, so when an elderly couple sat down on a nearby bench to eat their ice cream, Murphy sat right in front of them and put the sad eyes on the woman until finally she broke down and gave him the remains of her cone.

Where did he ever learn that?

Later that day, Murphy and I were invited to a neighbor's barbecue, and this time, when the sad eyes didn't get him anything, Murphy went for the direct approach--he bum-rushed the host as he was taking the first batch of burgers off the grill and nailed himself a freshly-made cheeseburger, snatching it right off the plate and skedaddling off into the yard with it.

And again, I have no idea where he learned that. Must have been one of his previous owners.

All I do know is that this dog is never going to starve to death if food exists anywhere around him. By hook or by crook, he'll always be eating well."Jes' keep misunderestimating me!"


  1. I hate to tell you but Murphy borrowed your cell phone and ordered two dozen of those cookies with the toffee and the coconut I make.

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    What is it with dogs and ice cream? Our little bichon does the exact same thing! Every time Mama Raptor has herself a cone of ice cream, he'll sit next to her and look pathetic until she breaks down and gives him a lick (off her finger)... and will keep doing that until he gets at least half a dozen licks.

    I wonder exactly who has who trained here?


  3. Looks like he's winking in that pic :-)

    Rex learned from the kids, no idea where Murph got it!

  4. I had a weenie dog, that once 15 years ago just happened to trip me as I left the grill and snarfed 2 dropped hot dogs as soon as they hit the floor. ALl I could say to my wife was " man...that is sooo wrong...."

  5. That's one clever boy (as he apparently knows by his expression!).

    Bouie often gets a lick of Pepper's cone, from the cone, not a finger.