Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm proud

This morning I took Spud out for another bike ride, this time on the C&O Canal towpath.

He's still a bit scared of the bike, but he made the whole ten miles without complaining, and in pretty good time, too. No pics, because I forgot the camera's memory card, but he did very well indeed.

And no one was more surprised (and pleased) than he.

He can do so much more than he thinks he can. He just needs someone to push him a bit, and more than one week out of the year.

I think Boy Scouts would be perfect for him when he gets home. I'll be working on that from this end.


  1. He sounds like he's got plenty of potential - he just needs pushed a bit. He'll have so much more fun in life if he's not permanently attached to a video screen.

  2. Good idea! The Scouts ARE a good organization!