Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Police officer meets armed citizen

Forget that fool in Canton, Ohio. Here we have Officer Matt Lyons with the Oceanside Police Department in California. He gets set up by "Jeremy", one of those "open carry" activists who go out carrying an visibly displayed empty pistol to provoke hostile encounters with police officers that they record to post on Youtube. But Officer Lyons doesn't take his bait, and he handles Jeremy in a totally professional manner even while Jeremy is trying to be a dick, undoubtedly hoping to get a rise out of Officer Lyons.
Great job, Officer Lyons. And maybe when Jeremy grows up, he'll find the maturity that leads to a real job that pays enough so that he can afford to buy something better than a crappy Hi-Point pistol that I would not use to weight a fishing line, much less rely on to save my life.

In the meantime, I'll say right here that people like Jeremy don't do our pro-gun cause any good at all. Do me a favor Jeremy, and all the wanna-be Jeremies out there...don't be on my side, ok? You just make it harder for those of us who really do support and work for gun rights for law-abiding citizens.


  1. I was shocked to learn that CA allowed open carry (under certain circumstances).

    That officer did an excellent job - I hope he gets commended for his professionalism and common sense.

  2. I agree completely! Well done Officer!

  3. @ The Donald: I'm sure that the CA legislature never expressly meant to create open carry, but rather this is one of this small areas where an existing law does not ban something. They cannot have the gun loaded so there's no point or purpose other than to show everyone that you have an empty gun. But given enough time and enough Jeremies, the legislature will undoubtedly respond with more restrictive laws that affect lots of people who aren't tools like Jeremy. That's how it always works.

    Trick is to choose your battles wisely instead of just running out to provoke confrontations with the police that you can stick on Youtube.

  4. Good job!! I wish all officers responded that way! Bravo!!

  5. What The Donald said.

  6. I don't believe for one stinking minute that "Jeremy" was ever a Marine, or anything else in any branch of the service.

    Why? Because vets have a way of dealing with each other, especially in THIS day and age.

    Jeremy failed in that regard.

    Just another wannabe wuss who, as you so aptly put, makes it hard on the rest of of us.

    I don't think the officer--and 22-year-Marine--thought Jeremy was a Marine either.

    GREAT JOB to this officer, and I'm writing a note to the PD he works for and politely thanking them for having such a professional on their force.


  7. the police officer was great. Jeremy on the other hand - what a jerk. He really embodies the reason why "people" (like me) get nervous around "carrying" people

  8. Kudos to the officer for how he handled this idiot!! Wish I could have been there to shake that officer's hand and tell him what an awesome way to respond. No matter how many times Jeremy refused to comply with providing his name, the officer maintained control of the situation and even used it for a little humor at the end. Excellent job - hope his department knows what an outstanding officer they have!

  9. You've never shot a Hi-Point, have you?