Friday, August 05, 2011

Curtain pulled back on "medical marijuana" facade again

"Oh, but it's just medicine for sufferers of chronic pain!"

Leaving aside the fact that the typical "medical marijuana patient" is a twenty-something no-job-having skateboarder or a college kid repeating his freshman year for the third time, I guess that we can assume that the cocaine and guns seized at this dope den "medical marijuana dispensary" all had some sort of medicinal use too, right?People, wise up. When the pro-pot crowd comes to your state with their bus load of professional patients who get paid to sob about how only marijuana makes their chronic pain go away, once you vote to legalize it to help the poor old cancer sufferers (all five or six of them), this is what you approve for your community if you vote for legalized "medical" pot.

Normally I'm not one to tell others how to live, but most people wouldn't vote to allow crack houses next to their local playgrounds and these so-called "medical" marijuana operations are really no different despite the professional PR campaign that they run.

Knowledge is power, and drug dealers who hire lobbyists and PR firms are still scumbags.


  1. This is a point that can't be made often enough. If you don't want them operating out of the house next door, and you don't, then you don't want them operating period.

  2. There are 40 or so of these places in my area since Michigan passed its "Medical Marijuana" law a couple of years back.

  3. We have them here in Colorado. Seems most of them are in the same locales where the illegal product was sold. Must be a coincidence.

  4. Having FMS means I can get medical pot and apply for disability. Why? I am 28. Sure I hurt but I would rather be a shriveled prune then have pot in my house near my kids. I also am perfectly capable of finding a way to help provide if we wanted that though we like me being at home for the kids. I write, I do websites, I have a cafe press store. Find a way people.

  5. if it was only dispensed from the same pharmacy (and with the same restrictions) as the rest of the prescription medication in the country then I'd not have a problem with it being used for medical purposes. But when the crack house down the road suddenly turns into the "medical Marijuana" dispensary....yah no.

  6. wow 9 big ass bricks. That could kill every crackhead I ever met three times over. That would be a medicinal use where I'm concerned.

    y'know! Whiskey's great for killing germs, especially if you can get them to drink it!

  7. That they are GOOD point!!!

  8. Hmmm a Star BM 9mm and it looks like a Norinco AK (one of the best.)

    Dang.. why do the druggies get such a good AK and I'm stuck with a WASR!

    Can't the ATF sell me some good ones?

    As for the pot, I know it's BS what they say as for medical, but since booze is everywhere I don't really care.

    They can fry their brain on weed or drown it in alcohol. It's the hard stuff like coke or meth or such that I just hate.

    You guys ever see that show 'Intervention'? Awful how drugs destroys families.

  9. @Paul: I agree, re: the Norinco AK. Damn shame...