Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday Man Movie

The year was 1942, the movie: The Spoilers.
Because John Wayne and Randolph Scott never could get along while Marlene Dietrich was stirring the pot.
Back in those days, Scott was still getting top billing over Wayne. But they were actually great friends when they weren't trying to kill each other on the silver screen.


  1. Great fight scean but nobody can take that many bare knuckle punches. At lest by someone who can punch.

    Once while sparring one of my students (I used to teach martial arts) and the guy I was sparring I had climbed on him and was pounding him (or at least simulated pounding) while he clammed up.

    Well to my surprise he whipped up and I caught an elbow right in the teeth. Bent my front tooth back and busted my lip and had to have stitches in it. I pushed the tooth back strait but thankfully the nerve was not broke.

    So I went home to my wife with a real swollen kisser.

    And once I got a high roundhouse kick hit me in for forehead and split it open. Seven stitches to close it. Again went home to my wife....

    Thing is, funny how John Wayne never looked like that with all that pounding he took!

    Say I hope you get back in Krav Maga!

  2. Point of order: Real men like Wayne and Scott could take beatings like's just today's sissies like George Clooney, or Matt Damon who couldn't.