Friday, August 19, 2011

"Excuse me, Sir. How much for this snake?"

Some people find all the cool stuff at garage sales.

Snake bites man in vehicle


  1. Good thing they had presence of mind enough to pull over before bailing. I'm not sure everybody would have.

  2. You could have gone forever without posting this!

    Garter snakes usually aren't aggressive like that, but copperheads will go out of their way to do you in.

    I'm afraid I would've been among those who didn't pull over before bailing out. That is, if I were still conscious -- passing out from panic, you know!

    I have an unnatural fear of snakes. They don't have elbows. Or shoulders.

  3. Yep, at least they stopped... Some folks I know would have stepped out at 70 mph if they saw a live snake in their vehicle...