Sunday, August 28, 2011

I hate him...

So Murphy is outside on the deck this morning. It's raining outside, but that should not pose a problem because much of my deck is covered by an overhang that allows man and dog alike to sit outside in a rainstorm and not get wet.

Murphy's a duck of a different color, though. He spends his time over by the rail on a section of the deck that's not protected from the elements. He's hunting cats and that's more important than staying dry, I guess.
Eventually I let in and then I go back into my office to finish an e-mail. He follows me into my office and stands in front of me and for the first time I see how wet he is. Water is beaded up all over his coat. I figure that I should go get a towel to dry him off, but before I do, I scratch his head and say: "Awww... Look at you! Who's a wet dog?"

In response, he shakes vigorously, flinging a considerable amount of water all over me, my computer, my papers, and my fresh cup of hot tea.

I hate him. I SO hate him.

Awwwww...look at you! Who's a wet human?


  1. A Southern homily - "What'd ya expect from a pig, but a grunt?'

  2. He just wanted to share.

  3. Um... Below average on headwork Murph, towel FIRST, then dog :-)

  4. Checklist:

    Step 1: Note precipitation
    Step 2: Notice wet dog
    Step 3: Get towel
    Step 4: Open door and grasp dog
    Step 5: Towel dog vigorously
    Step 6: Allow dog further entry
    Step 7: Now scratch dog's head and whisper sweet nothings.

    If dog returns to outside, repeat from step 1.

  5. Sooo,....what you're saying is that you are 100% at fault in this issue by not doing a remodel on your deck so Murphy doesn't have to get wet regardless of where he stands if the weather is bad. Sheesh....
    Admitting it is the first step. ;-)

    Plus you know you LOVE him. :-)

  6. Our shepherd Ruger is so programmed to come in lie down on the rug by the back door if he's wet to get toweled off...

    I sprayed water at him for a second while watering the wife's flowers yesterday and he came in and immediately laid down waiting to get toweled off...

    ...cracks me up, he's such a creature of habit now...

    Dann in Ohio