Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lucky, Lucky Murphy

It's his lucky day. I'm making up a big pot of "Dead Dog Chili" today.
It'll be hours in the making and it'll last for days...and it will be SO good. I have not made any since Murphy has been here, but Lagniappe used to love it.

Lucky Murphy...he has no idea what's going to be in his bowl tonight.

Edited: Guess I'd better head to the store. I didn't realize that I'm out of brown sugar and tobasco, and I can always use more peppers and spices in general since I'm there. Oh--and beer. This chili requires beer in the pot, and much more to be consumed while preparing and eating it.


  1. Lets hope it does not upset his stomach too bad.

  2. That sounds kinda like Pepper's "three-whiskey roux" for his duck andouille gumbo.

  3. Dude. Your going to feed your dog chili? For real?

  4. He doesn't get a whole lot of it, but he does get a taste.

    And the verdict is...he likes it.

    @MoogieP: That just sounds good. You had me at "roux".

  5. We're a bit careful with chili around our Ruger, our German Shepherd...

    The last time he got a taste... well let's just say his "passing gas" not only cleared the room out, but most of the southern end of the county...

    Dann in Ohio

  6. Recipe: Put hamburger in pan. Brown. Now start adding onions, peppers, tobasco, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, etc., until it's to your liking. Add brown sugar and beer for extra flavor.

  7. Nice recipe! I think I can handle it!

  8. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Sounds like some great Chili.
    I just hope it does not turn Murphy into a toxic fume passer.

  9. Anonymous8:06 AM

    For low carbers, like myself, I subtract the beans and add 1/2 pound ground pork! Very meaty, and my dogs love it!

    No beans cuts down on the gas too!

  10. What time is dinner!

  11. That sounds really good. My brother R. makes this chili that has half a cup of tequila in it. It's awesome but I can't talk him out of the recipe for it.