Friday, August 12, 2011

Police dog goes to the extreme as he takes a bite out of crime.

So what happens when a careeer criminal tries to hid from the police in his girlfriend's house when they come to serve an arrest warrant?

Well if he's in Gretna, Louisiana, a police dog is likely to bit his nuts off.

No fooling.

Lifelong scumbag and ne'er-do-well Cody Melancon resisted arrest and fought Zin, a Belgian Malinois employed by Gretna PD. Zin fought back and got a pretty good "compliance hold" on Melancon's family jewels, partially severing them and causing "permanent damage and sexual dysfunction", according to Melancon's lawyer. But the department is standing behind Zin and his handler. Police Chief Arthur Lawson told WDSU the lawsuit was frivolous.

"Our K-9 dogs are nationally certified and yearly accredited." he said. "One of the things we do is believe in training with our department. The individual involved here was a convicted felon who had -- or was actually wanted for -- felonies, and had a history of violence."

As for me, I think that Zin performed a community service by stopping Melancon from procreating and raising up any more future thugs.

Of course Murphy just thinks Zin's a role model and is presently writing Gretna PD and asking for an autographed (pawtographed?) picture of the heroic police dog.


  1. Don't know how you feel about Dean Speir (or if you even know about him) but his website has a similar account, with pictures. NSFW

  2. That would be called "Actions have consequences". Don't run from the cops next time.

  3. Hopefully the judge will simply quote General Anthony Clement "Nuts" McAuliffe.

  4. What, has no one seen Stand by Me?!

    "Chopper, sic balls."