Thursday, August 11, 2011

And the Liberal efforts to indoctrinate America's children continues...

So now in addition to the bad economic news and war news, we have news stories about how the gay special interest groups want the children's TV Show Sesame Street to let male charcaters Bert and Ernie get married. They also want the show to add a "transgender" character, better known as a "shemale".

So if the liberals get their way, it won't be long before the Obama Administration takes action and parents across America will be forced to explain to their pre-schoolers why Bert is bending Ernie over the counter and why the gaunt, shaky guy in the dress and high heels is lurking in the alley next to Mr. Hooper's store, offering to trade sex for crack with anyone who walks by.
Is there anything that these people won't despoil in pursuit of the liberal agenda? Wasn't it bad enough when they put Michelle Obama on the show last year? I guess that in America today--at least in the blue states--even the smallest children are expected to sacrifice their innocence on the altar of Liberalism. Pathetic.


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Wait, what? I always thought Ernie and Bert were brothers. Great, Another part of my childhood destroyed forever. Thanks, Progressives.


  2. My reaction when I read that news was sort of "blink blink". Gotta saw I would never have thought that sort of thing up myself. So what are Cabbage Patch kids doing under the cabbage leaves these days? Um, no, never mind. I don't want to know.

  3. I'm well aware that not every parent can do what we do--homeschool--but every time I hear a story like this, I file it away in my several-inches-thick file titled, "Reasons We Educate Our Children at Home and Not in a Public School." I'm grateful I don't have to worry about a progressive teacher ringing the bell of sexual depravity in my child's mind without my knowledge...sending them home with damage we must then mop up and try to repair.

    Liberals don't see what a self-fulfilling prophecy it is to hyper-sexualize children who later become statistics for STDs, teen pregnancy, etc. Not to mention homosexuality and gender confusion. Which then, OF COURSE, must be solved by more government intervention. And money. Don't forget the money!

  4. Raptor, Bert & Ernie ARE brothers. It's the homosexual tendency to pervert platonic relationships between friends of the same sex that's going on here. I love the shirts that contain a long list of historical figures that are supposedly gay or lesbian. In most cases, there's not a shred of proof...just a hunch. Because we all know that the reason King David cried when his friend Jonathan was killed was because they were lovers. Because only sexually-connected people mourn death. Blech.

  5. I just saw this today and was flabbergasted. I have no issue with whatever an adult wants to do or whom ever. *snicker* I do have issue with my 2-year-old seeing it. If that were to seriously happen we would never watch sesame street again. Bleck.

  6. I am of the Kaptain Kangaroo/Romper Room era - was about 5-1/2 before we had a color TV. Too late for Howdy Doody, too early for Sesame Street.

    One wonders if the liberals (or in their parlance, progressives) are preparing to accelerate the onslaught on traditional values, seeing that their standard bearer is losing equity faster than a bank stock on Wall Street.

    I had thought, perhaps complacently, that we could ride the culture wars out until November 2012, but it looks like we'll have to keep our vigilance - the other side isn't sitting idly by.

  7. Gah... Glad my kids are grown and done with that... This is getting totally outrageous, they are determined to force 'their' views on us regardless of what we (the silent majority) want!

  8. Sheesh - I actually googled Captain Kangaroo to see if it was 'C' or 'K' - then promptly forgot to edit once I returned to the comment...

    I hope Bob Keeshan will forgive me.

  9. Jim Henson has to be spinning in his grave.