Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More planes

One thing I like about Alaska is the number of aircraft that are always out and about. Everywhere you look, there's one sitting off in the brush next to a dirt strip, like this one I found by a lodge near the Edgerton Highway junction with the Richardson Highway.
Or these guys on an airfield near Glen Allen (with the Wrangell-St. Elias range in the background.) Note the fact that the vast majority of them are tail-draggers, which are preferred up here because they're better suited for grass and dirt strips where a bump or hole could put a regular tricycle-geared plane's prop into the ground. (Ouch!)
Even Fairbanks has aircraft, like this neat subdivision we visited, with signs laying out the right-of-way rules.
This neighborhood is built around a grass runway and every yard has at least one plane in it. I SO need to live someplace like this.

Then there was this nice Cessna 180 belonging to Wrangell Air just outside of Chitina. I'd take this one home in a heartbeat.
Here's a cherry Piper Super Cub at the Alaska Aviation Museum in Anchorage.

And of course float planes, like this Maule.
ONe thing's for sure: Being up there in a state with more pilots per capita than anyplace else in the country makes me want to quit slacking and get up in the air again real soon...and maybe buy me a tail-dragger of my own before too much longer.

Maybe a Stearman?


  1. Stearman is a cool airplane - but the round engine GPH would eat me out of house and home. And in AK, not exactly a three season airplane. Brrr!

    My vote would go to another single engine taildragger that debuted the year earlier, just as thirsty, but the epitome of flying elegance: Walter Beech's Model 17 - the Staggerwing.

    Hey, if a person's gonna dream, dream large!

  2. Gotta agree, the Staggerwing is IT! :-)