Friday, October 14, 2011

Dirty hippies are now "just like us"? I don't think so!

Well it’s starting.
The hippies, dirtbags “protestors” who claim to be just like the rest of us (other than the fact that they don’t have and won’t take jobs and sit around for days in their own filth and feces, smoking dope and having sex with each other under tarps) are now showing us how they respect the laws “just like the rest of us do.”

In Boston, over 100 have been arrested for trying to set up a camp in a prohibited area and refusing to vacate it.
In New York City, hundreds more are defying the city and refusing to vacate a privately-owned park so that it can be cleaned of their own refuse and offal.
In Denver, hundreds more are refusing to leave a city park that closes at 11PM, and local scumbags “activists” who weren’t even part of the protest group are flocking into the park just to be part of any fight with the police that breaks out.

Yeah, just like you and me.

One unifying factor that defines these shitbirds citizens no matter which liberal city that they are currently infesting is that they have no real message or agenda other than causing mayhem for it’s own sake. This it what the core of these groups are all about, in stark contrast to TEA party groups comprised of ordinary people who have jobs, mortgages and an actual message (stop spending our money). These losers have no real point or focus, which is why the powers-that-be, the puppeteers steering them (Soros and Obama, among others) have to supplement their ranks with paid union organizers, at least during daylight hours when people are paying attention to them. These loser kids can’t even be trusted to run their own protests by the people who are benefitting from their actions. (That would be Obama and every Democrat who worries about their failings being on the front page of the papers every day.)

So unless you are a drug-addled, no-job-having hippie who reeks of B.O. and just shows up places because other smelly hippies are already in those places smoking dope and defecating in public, these people are not like you at all. I know for sure that they’re not like me. You and I, we obey the rules and respect lawful authority. We also provide for ourselves instead of sitting around demanding that others be taxed to pay for their rent, student loans, health care and basic sustenance and that the municipal government agencies and local businesses give them toilets, food, shelter, and pretty much everything else that they want for free. As much as they like to paint themselves as being just like our nation's founders and the civil rights heroes, they're just the opposite. Those people fought for their freedom and independence and these kids are demanding to be more dependent, insisting on a bigger nanny state to run their lives at the expense of other people. Frankly I’m thinking that we’d do better as a nation if we simply rounded them up and shipped the whole lot of them off to North Korea in trade for a few hundred North Koreans who just want to come here and be free and productive.


  1. Did you catch Ann Coulter's "Meet the Flea Party" column?

  2. If I was in charge of the privately owned park in NYC I would hose it out at night and soak them all down. I'm sure they wouldn't hang around freezing and wet.

  3. I saw one protest sign that said something to the effect of.

    "I have to pay taxes on my unemployment insurance, how much taxes are you paying".

    So you have to pay tax on money WE all paid for, and you got through no effort of your own and you dare judge that I only pay about 30% of my income in taxes through a LOT of hard work and sacrifice to get the education to GET that salary.

    Great post.

  4. Excellent points Murph, problem is, they are breeding... dammit...

  5. Amen ML.
    If what they're doing is speaking truth to power I'd hate to see whining and sniveling. We had a name for these people in the Army. The sick, lame and lazy. You couldn't find 100 IQ points in that NYC park if you added up the entire mental output of each and every one of them.
    Yah, I guess I'm a little sick and tired of that bunch.

  6. What you said and +1 on everyone's comments! I gave up the Community College instructor gig. I was literally paying for the students to be there and give me grief.

    Don't get me started on that one!