Wednesday, November 16, 2011

House votes on National Concealed Carry...Media strangely silent.

You’d think that it would be big news that the House of representatives voted on a bill which would put concealed weapons permits on par with drivers’ licenses and ensure that every state recognized permits issued by any other state, but HS 822 got relatively little press attention today despite passing 272 to 154, with 17 republicans voting against and 43 Democrats voting in favor. Perhaps the Obama-controlled media doesn’t want people watching the Democrat-controlled Senate to see what they do with it over there, as pretty much everyone who pays attention to such things knows that Harry Reid won’t ever let it come up for a vote, especially if he polls and figures out that such a bill would pass the Senate on an up-or-down vote. After all, that would be too much pressure to put on Obama as he courts the votes of pro-gun swing states next year. This wouldn’t be one that he could simply vote “present” on and punt like he just did the job-creating, oil-providing tar sands pipeline that his green base hates so much. No, the ultimate political coward is going to make sure that this bill never reaches his desk or gets much press because he knows that his anti-gun credentials are trouble enough in many states and a veto by him would likely doom his re-election chances in several close states.

But fortunately, we have the internet and the blogosphere and we can bypass the mainstream media. The vote on HR 822 did pass the House and Murphy and I even have the roll call vote listing who voted which way on it. That vote list can be found here.
(Hey Michigan, way to go with your freshman Republican Justin Amash! He just voted to ensure that Michigan residents will remain unable to carry in numerous other states.)

HR 822's text can be read in it's entirety here.

It's funny now how the opposition is claiming that those in favor are selling out "states' rights", yet most of those raising that hue and cry are the same ones who blast the concept of states' rights when a state refuses to legalize marijuana or gay rights or tries to restrict the power of union workers or those seeking abortions. In other words, states should never have the power to run their own affairs unless they choose to run them according to liberal ideals. So don't but the whole "this infringes on a state's right..." line. What it really does is empower the people who mmake up the states: the individuals.

So contact your senators and demand that they take this up, and let's put some real heat on Obama this coming election.


  1. Good post ML. This is too important to let it slip by. I'm going to cross post to you.

  2. And then there's this out of yesterday's paper:

    President Barack Obama promised so much change to American politics. He has now shown he has succumbed to the path he stated he would not follow, buckling under to the highly dramatic attacks on the Keystone pipeline without questioning the "facts" used to criticize it.
    He has postponed the decision to route the pipeline for one reason alone: to retain his job.
    Obama spent the first year settling in, the second year doing nothing and will spend the next two years campaigning to get re-elected. No wonder the United States has fallen from the stature it once had.
    The sign declaring Tarsands Oil Is Blood Oil says it all. The protesters had no clue as to what they were protesting. If the statement was outlandish enough, it got publicity. And the media helped.
    To see the numbers, the organization and the props, is to know there was serious money behind the protesters. That no one stopped to ask who was paying for it all, again shows how gullible and out of touch the protesters were. The many pipeline proponents didn't stand a chance. All they had were facts, not drama. The facts were boring compared to someone dressed up as a polar bear. How would a polar bear have been affected by the Keystone pipeline? Nobody bothered to ask. Maybe the petroleum industry should have hired their own Hollywood "expert" and relied less on facts.
    Colin Pratt, Calgary

  3. So justice indeed prevails. Good for you.