Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Most Transparent Government Ever" seals records on "Fast and Furious" Border Patrol Agent's murder.

Yep. Because at the Obama Administration, they think that the public should know everything about everything that the government long as it was or will be done by some other administration, preferably a Republican one.

Agent Brian Terry's murder records sealed.

At this point, Eric Holder's retention as Attorney General makes about as much sense as someone giving B.O. a freaking Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. Heard that earlier. Race you to the polls on election day...

  2. Transparent government my ass...

  3. Pelosi was speaking the truth when she said it would be the most transparent government in history.

    It surely is! It's the most transparently dishonest one.

  4. But, Barry got his Nobel not for what he had done, but for what he is going to do. Holder's already done his bit, so maybe he should get a Nobel, too! Or an Oscar.

    w/v: sessessi. Kinda fun to type!

  5. Instead of Nobel Prize, I vote we award them something else from Dynamit Nobel.

    I guess that will place me on someone's list now that the Senate revoked The Bill of Rights!