Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obama identifies (again) with OWS brats

Awwww, isn't that cute? Obama tries to speak in New Hampshire and a few of the spoiled brats comprising the Occupy Wall Street movement begin to heckle him. So what does he do? He kisses their asses and claims that they are the reason that he ran for office in the first place.
(As if we all don't already know that "to gain the power necessary to ruin this country's capitalistic system, destroy any semblance of freedom for the individual and impose a socialist form of government with me and my cronies in charge forever" isn't really what he would have said if he was being honest.)

So Obama still loves these deliberately-unemployed, totally non-hygenic and absolutely useless people who currently comprise the largest criminal enterprise in America. No surprise there. My only hope is that the voters remember this next year and we give him his apparent wish by making sure that come January 13th, 2013, he has nothing better to do than sit around in some park all day.


  1. Idjits... on BOTH sides of the mic...

  2. 'they are the reason that he ran for office in the first place.'

    Nah... he ran cause the MSM fooled enough people into thinking he had some kind of qualifications (which he didn't have.)

  3. +1 on NFO! True that!