Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My own coffee moment

Regarding yesterday's tale, before I get too smug, I'll relate my own little coffee incident which was nothign if not more memorable than blondie's.

Way back in the day, I was a paramedic on a large city's fire department. Due to our call volume, we ran all night from run to run, and slack time to relax was pretty rare. We never went back to the firehouse because it just wasn't worth backing the rig in only to have to roll it right back out again a few minutes later. So when we did get a few minutes free, we had a few hidey-holes around the city where we'd tuck in just to catch a breather or a power-nap.

One night, we'd staged ourselves in a secluded little spot after clearing the hospital. I'd acquired a large cup of coffee from said hospital but it was too hot to drink immediately so I was holding it in my hand since we had a new ambulance and hadn't gotten around to illegally modifying it with drink holders and an AM/FM stereo yet. It was a warm night and I had my window down as I relaxed in the shotgun seat, and I decided to catch a quick nap. I put my coffee on the center console, leaned back, closed my eyes, and zoned out.

A few minutes later however, I heard our unit number come across the radio and our MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) beeped, signifying another run. (Funny how no matter how sound asleep you are, you can tune out other radio traffic but your own call sign gets through every time.) I shook myself awake and reached over for my coffee cup to ditch it since we were about to take off Code, which, in those trucks and on that city's streets, was like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disney. I grabbed the cup with my left hand and pitched it over my right shoulder...right into the CLOSED window! My jack-ass partner had gotten cold (she was from Boston and not used to our hardier local climate...Hi Angie!) and used her door control to put MY window up. Needless to say, the whole large cup of coffee splashed back on me, our shift paperwork, and most of the rest of the cab of the truck. I was soaked and the new truck had been christened in a spectacular way. (Why no, Lieutenant...we weren't drinking coffee in the rig in violation of OSHA rules and city policy...why do you ask?)

So yeah, the blonde chick at Starbucks was amusing yesterday, but sooner or later we all have our day, even me.


  1. There is not much worse than trying to clean up coffee or some other drink from the inside of a vehicle.

  2. Since confession is good for the soul... I'll admit to both driving off with coffee on top of my truck AND trying to toss a cup full of brew through a closed window.

    If I am blessed with a long enough life, I'm pretty sure there's absolutely NOTHING stupid that I won't do eventually :)

  3. Yeah, I have to admit to both having driven off with a drink on the roof (way more than once) and chucking a beverage at a closed window.

  4. BTDT... sigh Except it was a fire truck and I missed the grab at the cup sitting on the dashboard. Wore it all...

  5. Then we have keys. Locking them in your vehicle. Locking them in your home.

  6. You realize that was God's way of reminding you not to throw stuff out the window of your car and trash the countryside!