Friday, December 02, 2011

Don't try to take sweet corn from a porcupine

They object vociferously.

Sorry, but sometimes even I'm a sucker for cute critters.


  1. That little sound it makes is friggin' hilarious! Right out of Winnie the Pooh. We don't have them around here and I've never heard the sound they make before.

  2. OK, big sucker smile here...

  3. They are cute up to the time your dog gets a face full of quills.

  4. Even picking up a baby porky the wrong way will have quills go thru one side of a leather glove, then thru a finger and out the other side of the leather glove.
    I was lucky as it was only a couple of quills.

  5. Most wild critters, if you give them food and then try to take it back will NOT like it at all. And those capable of objecting will.

    Don't ever take food away from a hungry horse or worse feed them out of order (the leader gets fed first, and if you don't do that they will throw a fit.)

  6. Sometimes you're a sucker for cute critters? ;)

    I've never heard a porcupine talk about corn either -- I swear it said, "Corn! Mmm, mmmm!"