Thursday, December 01, 2011

You comin'?

Murphy wants to know...You gonna be at the blogshoot in Inwood, WV on Saturday?

You don't even have to have a blog...just a gun or a desire to see and shoot guns.

E-mail for directions.


  1. Tell Murph I will be on the way tomorrow afternoon.

    BTW, got any 30-30 ammo? Range does not have that listed as available. Don't know if I will have time tomorrow to get any or not.

    Nice shot of Murph!

  2. @ Keads: What I have, I'll bring for you.

  3. I'll be there :-)

  4. Wish I could join you, but the calendar is full this month...

    I'm sure my Ruger would love to romp with your canine companion...

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Thanks ML! I will see if I can pick up some tomorrow, but we shall see.

    Dann- hate to hear that!

  6. If I was closer.....

  7. I be there.

    Tell the truth - Murphy is really a highly trained acting pooch who has gone incognito!

  8. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Tell Murph I can not be there in person.But I will be there in spirit.

  9. I'm up to my neck in work and study right now and haven't even had time to package up some ammo to send your way. You folk's have fun and build some memories.

  10. Wish I could come out and join you all, but it's over 5 hours to WV for me.
    I am sure I could learn a few things about proper shooting from you.

    Maybe next time...or if you set one of these up in NC, I am so there.

    Have fun.

  11. Man I wish I was closer. You guys have a good time.

  12. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Wish I could join this sausage-I mean shootingfest, but I have to work...

    I look forward to a lot of pictures!

  13. I'm here! MTBLaura, I would have picked you up!