Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama's latest snide attack only highlights his hypocrisy and lack of integrity...again

Wow. So now that Mittens is all but the official anti-Obama candidate, everybody in the Obama Administration from the White House grounds staff to Obama himself is now churlishly attacking Mitt's wife, claiming that she never had a job.

First of all, this is pretty hypocritical, coming from the guy that used to demand that his wife be off-limits to any criticism. And it's even more ridiculous when you look at Mooch's real "work history" and realize that she spent the last two years of her "job" at a Chicago hospital getting paid $63,000 a year for not showing up, and that this job--which she was offered right after Barack was elected to the Illinois State Legislature (a body that steers funds to this hospital)--was of such importance to the hospital that when Mooch finally did quit, they never even bothered to replace her or fill the position in any way.

Yeah, maybe the Obama team should just say what they really mean: The Romneys weren't smart or corrupt enough to wangle a sweetheart payoff disguised as a "job" for Mrs. Romney the way that the Obamas did.

And maybe if the Romneys had done such a questionable thing, the media would have refused to report on it just like they did when Barry and Mooch did it, right?


  1. If Mrs. Romney was a stay at home mom, she needs to be the presidential candidate, because she will have worked harder in raising her kids that her husband ever did as governor of a state. Probably did a better job keeping their household on a budget, too, and has more experience in staying within the budget's (admittedly large) limits than someone who launched Obamacare, Mk. I.

  2. I don't know if Obama or event the WH said this as Hillary Rosen only seems to be connected to the DNC. However, the DNC was all set to run anti-Romney ads about RomneyCare today (sixth anniversary of it being implemented), but all the media is covering is Rosen's stupid statement. Ooops.

  3. Yeah, Mooch's last job was like one of those "No Show/No Work" jobs they always talked about on "The Sopranos".
    She probably got it the same way, too......

  4. What I personally love is Obama's comment that he and his wife "couldn't afford" for her to stay home with their kids, that she "had" to work. Tax returns show he was making six figures at this time, yet his wife "had" to work?

    I choose to stay home with my kids, but it chaps my ass when I hear someone act like we just "got lucky." We are able to survive on one income because we make a lot of sacrifices--and I mean sacrifices like choosing to eat meatless and buying used shoes, NOT skipping a twice-a-year resort vacation or not purchasing another car after the requisite three years. I find it incredible that Obama and his wife could not survive on $150,000, but we could survive on $35,000 with a family of six. I wish people who make the choice for both to work would just be honest about their reasons for doing it, instead of insinuating that those of us who make these sacrifices won some kind of domestic lottery. If you want to work because you can't stand your kids, just say so. If you want to work so you can buy a bigger house or new car or go on a nice vacation or buy your kids tons of electronics and new clothes so they "fit in" at school...say so. But for crying out loud, don't bitch and moan about how hard you have it when your priority was a LIFESTYLE, Mr. Obama, and not in any way real financial need.