Saturday, May 19, 2012

For Armed Forces Day

Thanks Old NFO for reminding me.

Here's a clip from a couple of years ago showing how a bunch of our guys in Afghanistan made the best of their austere conditions and still managed to have fun. I still never tire of watching it.
This is a video made by soldiers of the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan. It hit the web in 2010 and went absolutely viral. These soldiers did a remake of the otherwise forgettable "Telephone" by the marginally-talented but oh-so-flashy Lady Gaga. However, unlike her original, this one is just fun to watch. These guys are obviously having a ball, and the props and stuff that they came up with in a forward area are ingenious.
The project was reportedly the idea of Sgt. Aaron Melcher, 24, who can be seen dancing enthusiastically in the opening segment with his pal, Justin Baker. The rest of the group's names and photos--both goofing and in uniform--can be found at this link by scrolling down to the bottom.

So far, world from the Army brass is: "Lookin' good guys!" Far from being criticized, they're being lauded--and rightfully so--for their spirit and their attempts to boost morale.

"The brigade command team is happy to see that they also still have a good sense of humor and that morale is high," said Maj. Michelle Baldanza, a spokeswoman in Afghanistan for the division's 4th Brigade Combat Team via e-mail from Kandahar Air Field.

The soldiers have a challenging mission there, and they were just having a good time and "blowing off some steam in their downtime," Baldanza said.

Way to go, fellas. Stay safe over there.


  1. AWE-FRIKKIN-SOME!!!! Ya know, I'd MUCH rather watch these guys "blowin off steam" than anything "Lady" Gaga does. You go, Steam!

  2. Yep, they done good with that one!!! :-)