Friday, May 25, 2012

Why Washington DC can Never be Trusted with Statehood #137

And no, this post isn't even about Marion "Fool for Life" Barry, their political god.

Trayvon Martin Day declared at D.C. elementary school

Yep. They really did. And they wonder why the rest of the country won't take them seriously.

Now aside from teaching another generation of urban youth that it's good to idolize drug-using violent criminals, can you just imagine the outrage in DC (and other bastions of senseless liberalism) if a neighboring Virginia community declared it "George Zimmerman Day", or "Bernie Goetz Day"? of course that won't happen, because schools in Northern Virginia are too busy teaching kids to read and write instead of using school time to inspire racial hatred and feelings of victimization in them.

And people in DC still wonder why Tyreek can't read.

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  1. I hold you personally responsible for running my blood pressure off the charts today!

    What a bunch of maroons!

  2. I can't even say what I wanted to about this topic. I'd just have to repent, later.

  3. Gah... just @#&*$ unbelievable...