Friday, June 01, 2012

Sigh... My would-be "Dream Girl" gets taken away by ATF

Pity. Cecilia Alchemy Savage clearly had future ex-wife potential.

I mean, she shoots, she skydives, she hunts and boxes...she blows things up. If this one could cook, she'd be perfect.

Alas, the drug thing...that's a deal-breaker. And the whole "soon-to-be-convicted-felon" part's a downer, too.

But until then, she had my attention.


  1. Stupid is as stupid does. Some folk's are just determined to force the PoPo into arresting them. Of course when your determined to put it all on U-Tube then how can you not expect the feebes to show up>

  2. Yeah, I hear ya. Sad really.

  3. "Double life: Photographs on Facebook show the student toting guns - but others show her looking glamourous."

    That's obviously a false dichotomy - there's nothing unglamourous about a hawt chick toting and shooting guns.

    Stupid Brits!

    Well, it's a shame. As you said, excepting for the pot and meth, and probably the pipe bombs, she coulda been cool to hang with.

  4. Aside from the meth, which can really ruin your health and looks, I don't see what the problem is here. Pot? Even I have pothead acquaintances. Aren't we past the point where we condemn people for pot, especially if they've proven that they can handle it - - I'm thinking people like Willie Nelson and Tom Petty here, Keith Richards too.

    And the rest of it - - guns and explosives - - she appears to have used all those out in the woods where no one was in danger, so what's the problem there?

    Felonies? Yes, of the malum prohibitum variety, not the malum in se variety.

    On this one I'll have to don my 5XL wookie-suit and growl An it harm none, do what thou wilt.

  5. Maybe she has a less uh. . . volatile, sister :-)

  6. Wow - too bad she was arrested, she does sound perfect for you. It does sound too like she is not a heavy duty druggie. So, when she gets out of jail, there is hope for a meeting. You could even show her how to properly register all those toys.

  7. She harmed nobody. Threatened nobody. So what was the crime here? Oh yeah, she dared speak ill of the PoPo. Contempt of tin badges.

    And given the track record of the ATF, I wouldn't put it past them to have made up some of the charges, such as the drugs.

  8. @ Bob: I'm just not a drug guy. Personal choice there but one I'm pretty inflexible on. As for the felonies...I have a security clearance to consider. But after checking out her pictures, if she really promised to try and behave--and agreed to clean five guns a day as pennance--I could probably flex a bit there, especially if she's a good cook.

  9. 1) She looks like a guy, and if she hadn't posted comments in skimpy clothes, I'd guess she had a penis.

    2) She looks like she has the herp.

    No, you're not allowed to date that. Ever.

  10. Lagniappe. You are not a drug guy and want drugs to be illegel, yet you drink alcohol. Aside from drinking alcohol being legal and smoking pot not, how do you reconcile alcohol use but not pot use? Everyone knows alcohol is a far worse drug than pot. So if you hate pot, how do you like alcohol. I just see a pretty glaring double standard there.

  11. I don't have to reconcile anything. You already pointed out that one is legal and the other is not. That's the difference. In America, we can change the laws or we can repeal the laws, but we cannot just ignore the laws.