Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to normal

Well the Spud is now back home, and Murphy is once again trying to be my best pal and constant shadow after spending much of last week ignoring me in favor of the boy.

We had a good time together this week. It went by so fast. But now he's going back to school, and I'm going to be back to work.

And Murphy? Well I guess Murphy's just going to go back to being a counter-surfing, garbage-scattering jerk and all-around dog nuisance. He's SO lucky that I like him.


  1. Hey, for a rescue dog with a bad past history with kid's I'm happy to know Murphy bonded with Spud.

  2. Glad y'all had fun! Sounded like a good time. +1 on Sport Pilot too.

  3. Well it didn't go easy when Murphy and Spud first met. There was much barking and lunging and a crying boy who thought that he was meeting a new dog friend only to discover that the dog wasn't on the same page. The yard was filled with canine roaring and cries of: "He hates me! He hates me!"

    But with time, and close supervision, and a big sack of dog treats, we started making progress.

    Now we're at a pace where I tell Murphy that I'm going to "get" his boy and reach out as it to grab him and Murphy steps in between us to gently grip my wrist with his mouth and pull it back away from Spud's arm.

    Good dog.

  4. I keep telling ya, Cayenne...