Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Arab Spring has sprung...on Obama

So let's see....

Egypt's government fell to the Muslim Brotherhood this past year, and the Obama Administration supported them. Yesterday they returned the favor by attacking our Embassy, invading our compound, and burning our nation's flag.

Libya also underwent a regime change, and without even bothering to ask Congress as our Constitution requires. Obama deployed military air assets and sent in advisors on the ground to help the insurgents win. And how did they show their gratitude? By coordinating with the other muslim extremists above and attacking our consulate, killing our Ambassador and three other Americans.

You see, Barry? This is why you need to ask others with more experience (Congress, for example) before making unilateral decisions about things that you don't understand and then patting yourself on the back for "going it alone". But the benefit of your decision to keep Congress out of your foreign policy military moves is that you personally own this one 100%, and now that it's all pear-shaped, you have no one else to share the blame with.

But in true Barry Obama/Hillary Clinton fashion, our government has responded quickly, issuing APOLOGIES to the muslims for offending them, even though we did absolutely nothing to incite these attacks.

Let me recap that: Two sovereign American compounds were attacked. Americans were murdered and our national Honor was insulted. And Obama responded with APOLOGIES!

There should have been a response from the American government all right, but it should have involved naval gunfire, airstrikes, and perhaps even a couple of Marine Divisions on the ground marching into a couple of capitol cities. You sand fleas want to get all big and bad? Fine. Let's see how you do with a large chunk of your nation's power grids and port facilities knocked out by our cruise missiles and stealth aircraft and a naval blockade of your coastlines until you remember who you're messing with here.

Sigh. The reality is that they know exactly who they are messing with. They know that Barry Obama, for all of his willingness to use the power of the US Government against us citizens here to make us live as he deems proper, would sooner sell his wife and daughters in the Sudanese slave markets than risk making the world muslim community angrier at him personally. And that last bit is important. Obama doesn't care if the world hates America as a nation; he has gone on record plenty of times hating it, too. Obama doesn't want the world hating him personally. It's always been all about him in his mind and that's how American foreign policy has been conducted since he took office. That's how we got to this point today and why it's only going to get worse for America until he's gone.

Not that I see anything particularly Reaganesque about Mitt Romney, but I do believe that he'll at least try to do what's right for our country instead of trying to protect his own reputation and legacy in the eyes of those abroad who hate us for who we are. November 6th cannot get here fast enough, and on that day, we send a message to the world about what kind of country we're going to be. On November seventh, the wold world will know that we've either rejected Obama's national self-loathing or affirmed it for all time. And if we affirm it, God help us, because we'll have just given the green light to every mud-hut-dweller with an AK-47 or bomb to come at us and attack our citizens without fear.


  1. If all non-insurgent folks are out of our consulate then I think we should turn it into a molten slag heap. And I think that should be our policy from here on. Yes, there are innocent people who would love to live under a real Democracy there, but they are going to have to build it themselves - it's time we stopped wasting US lives in those countries. Focus on intelligence, and each time those loons hit us reduce the area the strike comes from to rubble. Each time, every time.

  2. In February 2013, BHO can love the Muslims/hate Americans all he wants - as a private citizen.

    It's time we put a grown-up back in the Oval Office.

  3. You are so spot on, and said it so well, that I'm just gonna link to this instead of ranting on my own.

    Did you hear the ennui in his tone of voice whren he made his pitiful statement this morning? E-freakin'-gad!

  4. Linked --

  5. Barry and his ilk don't need "advice" from others because their plan is working.
    November can't get here fast enough!

  6. I am totaly ashamed of Obama on this, we should have gone in with force, as that is all those cowards understand. Now is not too late either.

  7. No good deed goes unpunished in the Obama administration.

    And that is why he died. Bet the CIA warned Obama while he was playing Golf and just could not be bothered.

    Obama now makes Jimmy Carter look good in BOTH domestic and foreign policy. Seems to get his ideas from Loony Cooney.

    Bet his first thought when he was informed of the death of the Ambassador was... BLAMED BUSH.. BLAME ROMNEY.. SOMEHOW!

    Remember, it's the Chicago way.

  8. Totally agreed. Time to go make some glowing glass pits in the desert.

    I fully support our troops going in and helping countries who ask for our aid. But I no longer think we need to be sending our men and women in to die for someone else for free. Want our help? Fine. Lets talk price. Oh, you want us to police your roach problem for you? Great. We want to pay $0.50 OR LESS for a gallon of gas at the pump. What? Not willing to lower the price of a barrel of oil? Okeedokee, we're pulling out all our troops, and releasing our herd of pigs into the wild. Have fun.

    Just like our welfare system here at home, I have no problems helping someone who is willing to do the work, but has just fallen on a streak of bad luck. That applies internationally as well.