Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wounded Warrior Blogshoot a great success

A great time was had by one and all as nearly two dozen area bloggers and blogger fans came together to shoot, socialize, and contribute money to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Old NFO, he's got the shirt already...and the hat.

All of the usual suspects were there--Old NFO, Keads, Proud Hillbilly, The Miller, Msgt. B, New Jovian Thunderbolt, Bubblehead Les, Broken Andy, THOTpd, Pedium, The Axe, Morlock, and a number of blogreaders and guests without whom blogs would serve no purpose. I could talk about it for an hour, but pictures speak better than words. (Oh, and by request, there's even a picture of me here.)

There were guns, and lots of ammo.

Small guns and big ones.

There were .45 carbines and .45 pistols present too, like these two belonging to JB Miller. And both are suppressed.

The Usual Suspects..well some of them, anyway.

Proud Hillbilly gives her carbine a workout.

AJ readies his L1A1 Sporter for another go at the Tennerite targets.

Broken Andy fires his Chinese SKS.

Maureen was no slouch with this pistol. She rocked it.

And she had this wicked sweet Winchester 20 gauge double barrel.

Here's New Jovian Thunderbolt, with JB Miller offering helpful suggestions.

As you can see, we had a little of everything there. But then we're all about tolerance and diversity...gunnie style.

Stretch and Bubblehead Les debate shooting technique on the 100-yard line.

And Bubblehead Les shows what a former submariner can do with a subgun.

And Keads was spotting for shooters on the 400-yard line.

Here's Msgt. B shooting the Uzi. Looks like a steely-eyed killer, don't he?
The Mossad just PM'd me, asking for his phone number.

Special thanks to 340 Defense range for making their facility available to us at a reduced rate. The owners and staff are mostly all current or former military and their support for this cause and the use of their great range was fantastic.

We followed up the shoot with a great dinner and good conversation nearby. And we raised a grand total of $1100.00 for Wounded Warriors, and this AFTER we covered the range expenses. Everyone who came out dug deep, and for this, I thank each and every one of you. You're good people. Seriously.

Oh--and yes, I promised you all a picture of me, didn't I? Well here it is

More blogshoot pics and commentary at these sites:The Shekel and New Jovian Thunderbolt and My Muse shanked Me and Nobody Asked Me and In Search of the Tempestuous Sea and Another Day, Another ... and The Miller and Shining Pearls of Something. Go see.


  1. Thank you for organizing it. I had a blast. Well, several, actually.

  2. Suz, it was my honor and a pleasure to host you all yesterday.

  3. Thanks for having me up. I enjoyed it! Maybe you should add "community organizer" to your resume =).

  4. @ Keads: Would that qualify me to run for President? If so, prepare yourself for some sort of cabinet position.

    Glad you made it up. Sorry about missing you on Sunday.

  5. LOL, I guess my report didn't measure up :-0 Good times, and good folks, and a good cause; can't ask for much more! (well an ammo monkey would be nice)...

  6. @ Old NFO: Yes it did. LOL. Sorry that I overlooked yours somehow. Fixed now.

  7. Dude, that was a whole mess o' fun! Thanks for organizing it. And thanks for the wood for the SMLE.

    And an M1 Carbine is on my short list now.

  8. Thank you so much for putting this on and having everyone down. THOT and I had a blast! So much fun meeting everyone and shooting everything...

  9. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Murphy, you got my good side for a change, as I was fussing with the L1A1. Small tannerite cans, iron sites, and old eyes don't help things.
    Had an awesome time, great people, perfect weather, good shooting. Though I'm still shooing stink bugs from the car.
    Thanks for doing this, it's a great morale builder, good for the Warriors, and a real rush to see what people brung to the shoot.
    If I can arrange it, I've got a buddy who's a C-5 Flight Engineer Instructor at the base. Mayhaps we can get a group-tour of one of the behemoths next time...
    Thanks again, see you around, just not while you are on the job, I hope...