Thursday, October 11, 2012

Range Time

It's been too long.

My June wrist injury has thus far kept me from shooting most handguns for more than a few shots, so it's been kinda frustrating these last few months. But today, the wrist wasn't hurting, and my physical therapist told me to "go out and shoot and see how it feels".

Hey, that's great! Can I get a prescription for a thousand rounds of .40 and .45 ammo, and can we get my insurance to cover it as medically necessary?

Sadly, the answer was no. But I still went out, and I took my somewhat new (to me) Sig P229 out.
This is the DA/SA model that I got right about the time that I injured my wrist so I haven't been able to do anything with it all summer. I had it out once but was unable to shoot it more than a few rounds. It's the second Sig that I bought this year as the last one turned out to be Double-Action Only, a fact that I was unaware of when I bought it, so it was re-sold and the money set aside for one with the DA/SA trigger.
(There's nothing wrong with DAO pistols...they just aren't my thing.)
This one shot point-of-aim on the dueling tree steel plates that neither Aaron or I seemed able to hit satisfactorily in the competition a couple of weeks ago, and the trigger reset felt pretty good. However it did jam up on me a few times while shooting with one hand so I'll replace the springs and quit feeding it Tula steel-cored crap ammo from now on.

I'd been wanting a Sig for quite some time, but after getting it and comparing it to my Glock 23, I have to wonder why. They are both about the same size, although the Gock with it's polymer frame is half a pound lighter AND it holds an extra round in the magazine (13 vs. 12 for the Sig.)
Still, I like redundancy so owning more than one .40 is good, and I like the Sig for it's accuracy and reliability (not that the Glock gives up much of either of these, btw). I plan to get the .357 Sig barrel for this one (and probably one for the Glock know, that "redundancy" thing) and like as not, I'll carry and shoot them interchangeably when I'm in the mood for something smaller than a .45 or .41. The Glock has been a favorite of mine since I bought it 12 years ago, and as for the sig? Verdict's in: I like it.


  1. I've got a P226 in 40S&W, and while it's a very nice pistol, I guess I'm too much of a 1911 guy to use it well.
    It's beautifully built and finished, fits my hand like a glove, feels great, and shoots very accurately.

    After shooting it, and both of my 1911's, my son went out and bought a P226.

    Now if they could just put a 1911 trigger on it......

  2. Sounds like fun; good purchase you made. I'll get to shoot my daughter's new Ruger LC9 this weekend, along with my 1911.

  3. Glad the wrist is on the mend!

  4. I'm just not a Sig fan... it's the whole POA/POI thing again...

  5. In addition to the .357 Sig barrel, consider getting the 9mm setup, also. (don't forget the extractor)